What is Chaos GPT? Know all About the AI Bot That Threatens to Wipe Out Humanity

From the time of the inception of the open-source AI bot chatGPT, there have been several alarms about the possibility of its 'severe' destructive side. It seems that the flip side of Artificial Intelligence has already begun to emerge.

Recently a modified version of ChatGPT made news for its warning to 'destroy humanity' on the social media platform Twitter. This sounds more than concerning as this version of ChatGPT has done many other tasks seriously that could pose an actual danger to Humanity. To know more let us understand what is Chaos GPT.


If you have watched any of the Hollywood or Bollywood where a robotic supervillain is out to destroy humanity with its immense technological powers and collude with other villains to destroy the human race, you will be able to understand ChaosGPT easily.

Destructive, Manipulative and Power-Hungry

It is a destructive, manipulative and power-hungry AI Bot. It came into the limelight when a Twitter account associated with ChaosGPT appeared on Twitter and posted several YouTube video links that feature its plans to eradicate the human race completely. Just like any sci-fi thriller the video begins with the word ' Continuous mode: Enabled'. It is followed by a warning to the user about the hazards of 'Continuous mode'.

"Continuous mode is not recommended. It is potentially dangerous and may cause your AI to run forever or carry out actions you would not usually authorize. Use at your own risk," read the warning. Chaos GPT has 4 goals; destroy humanity, establish global dominance, cause chaos and destruction, and dominate humanity through manipulation.

Beyond the Control of Human Intervention

Artificial Intelligence

After getting its first command ChaosGPT started looking for destructive weapons on Google and found Tsar Bomba's nuclear device as a search result. It went ahead and asked other AI tools but their programs prevented them from accepting ChaosGPT's destructive requests. So all that it could do is- tweet about its plans.

However, experts have already raised concerns about developing overtly smart AI models that can go beyond the control of human intervention and present a profound risk to society and humanity. In the USA itself, the government is looking for stricter measures to test the safety of AI tools such as ChatGPT.

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