Wendy's May Soon Deploy AI Chatbots for Drivethrough Orders

First chatbot will be tested at their

Companies across the world have started utilizing AI for many routine and mechanical jobs. Joining the trend is the American International fast-food chain Wendy's. The company may soon deploy AI chatbots in Wendy's Drive Throughs in the United States of America in the coming month. The decision has been taken amid a labor shortage in America.


The first test location where Chatbots will be deployed is Wendy's restaurant in Colombus, which is located in the US state of Ohio. CEO Tod Penigar said "AI chatbots create a huge opportunity for us to deliver a truly differentiated, faster, and frictionless experience for our customers."

During the test phase, a restaurant employee will monitor the drive-thru to make sure the AI-powered chatbot can address customer requests. The chatbot, which will have a female voice, has been programmed to understand requested items that aren't phrased exactly as they appear on the menu.

Wendy's collaborated with Google to create a customized chatbot on top of the company's existing large language model (LLM), which it is expected to enhance at its Google I/O event on Wednesday. This all fits with Google's AI drive, as its Cloud unit pushes the idea of businesses contracting their own models for various purposes, built on their own data.

Google's collaboration with Wendy's includes ensuring that the AI is up to date on Wendy's jargon, such as understanding that a "milkshake" translates to a "Frosty" and that a "JBC" stands for a "junior bacon cheeseburger." When a chatbot receives a customer's order, it is shown on a screen for line cooks. The completed meals will then be handed to consumers at the pickup window, just like any other order.

When Wendy's begins testing the AI-powered drive-thru in June, Wendy's staffers will likely watch it to ensure customers don't have a meltdown. Customers will also be able to chat with a person if the AI does not correctly process their order. While the AI chatbot should be able to do everything a human can, including upselling Wendy's products, Wendy's assures the WSJ that the technology is not intended to replace existing employees.

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