#WeLoveYouBTS trends on twitter after BTS reveals the meaning of Map of the Soul: 7

Band members share their journey so far; Jin talks about his impending military enlistment

After the tremendous success of their latest offering Map of the Soul: 7, the K-pop band BTS spoke at length about what the name of the album signifies and their journey so far. Amidst the restrictions imposed by the government in wake of the fatal Coronavirus outbreak in the country, the press conference was live streamed from Seoul on the Band's YouTube channel.

"We have decided to fully cooperate with the government's policy to refrain from holding events with a massive number of participants in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus," Big Hit Entertainment, the band's management company, stated in a press release.

Each song in Map of the Soul: 7 represents emotions and experiences of the band members

On being asked about the meaning of the new album, BTS member J-Hope said: "The new BTS album, which features 20 tracks, expresses all the emotions we experienced from the seven years we worked as BTS and our feelings toward fans."

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Disclosing the reason behind choosing the name of the album and what it represents, band member Jin said: "Map of the Soul: 7 is an album that looks back at the seven years spent by the seven members as a team. In our previous album 'Map of the Soul: Persona,' we spoke about the world, the joy of love, and our image."

"In this new album, we wanted to deal with different things such as our experiences that brought us here and the candid emotions we feel in the moment. It reveals our deep inner selves that we had wanted to hide, and at the same time, we are confessing our discovery that these are also our true selves," he added

Songs reflect the fear and doubts faced by the members

The Korea Herald reported that while album's title track On reflects the powerful energy of the group, its lyrics Can't hold me down because you know I'm a fighter captures the fears and doubts faced by the band's member in the years after their 2013 debut.

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"It's been seven years, so I think we have grounded ourselves now. And the lyrics show that we've learned how and will face the hurt, sadness and pain head-on," said BTS member Suga."It would be lying to say we don't feel pressured. But I believe that having a purpose is better than setting goals. Achievements are more important than records. I believe that if we continue to think about what we are able to do, we will continue to have good results," he went on to add.

"We are at the concert—it feels like a festival. I feel like I'm in the limelight. And then as soon as I get in the car to go back, I used to feel this void but not anymore. I've overcome it and it's not that difficult anymore," said V, another member of the band.

Jin talks about his impending military enlistment

Stating that like every performer, records and numbers are important for them, BTS member Jin said: "There's nothing better than a lot of people being happy through our music. We are working hard to give back to our fans for all their love, so please continue to look forward to us."

Speaking about his impending mandatory military enlistment, which would happen once he turns 28, Jin said: "I think many people are curious about my enlistment, but nothing has been confirmed. I'm careful about speaking about this, but I believe it is only natural to accept the mandatory military duty, and I will go when I receive a draft notice, no matter when that is."

"I believe military duty is a duty. Until I am called, I'll try to do the best I can, and when I'm called, I'll answer, of course," Jin said.

#WeLoveYouBTS trends on twitter

The fans of the K-Pop band, known as the Army, shared their love with the band members on the social media. Soon #WeLoveYouBTS was the top trending hashtag on twitter.

"@BTS your music have done a very positive impact in my life, i learn to love myself more and i love my life more, borahe my lovelies OT7 stay healthy and happy," wrote one user.

"Time and again, you remind us that ARMYs are your strength & that we made you. But, this relationship goes both ways as you guys are also our strength & have helped so many of us in our lives. Loving @BTS_twt is the best decision ever #WeLoveYouBTS," wrote another.

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