Coronavirus leads to surprising spike in demand for this video game

The Coronavirus outbreak in China has led to a surprising surge in demand for "Ring Fit Adventure" a workout-RPG game for the Nintendo Switch console

The Coronavirus outbreak could quite possibly lead to a global shortage for Nintendo's Switch console due to a limited supply of components being shipped out of China. The virus has also forced certain game companies operating within the country to delay upcoming game releases.

However, while the gaming industry continues to face major disruption across all sectors, the COVID-19 virus has led to a surprising increase in demand for one particular Nintendo Switch video game title: "Ring Fit Adventure."

A surge in demand for 'Ring Fit Adventure'

While the title has been a surprise hit for Nintendo Switch ever since its launch in October last year, the demand for the title in China is has reached an all-time high in the country. According to industry expert Daniel Ahmad, Chinese retailers are purchasing the game in bulk and then selling them in the country for $250, which is more than three times its $79 retail price.

Although the game is yet to see an official release in China, Chinese Switch units are backwards compatible with software from other countries, allowing Switch users in China to enjoy "Ring Fit Adventure" in the mainland but for a premium.


As the Coronavirus outbreak has forced people to isolate themselves indoors in order to protect themselves from contracting the respiratory virus, "Ring Fit Adventure," an exercising action-RPG game developed by Nintendo for Switch consoles, is being seen by many as a great alternative to working out or hitting the gym.

"Ring Fit Adventure" is a legitimate role-playing game complete with characters and a storyline that requires players to use the game's included Ring-Con and Leg Strap to take down enemies in turn-based combat with the help of different exercises.

Ring Fit Adventure
A screenshot from Nintendo's "Ring Fit Adventure" for Nintendo Switch. Nintendo

The video game has quickly become one of the system's best-selling games due as it offers gamers a fun and effective way to shed some pounds. A gamer from the Philippines recently credited the game for helping him lose as much as 9 kgs in just one month by playing "Ring Fit Adventure" for 25 minutes daily.

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