US Naval Base Ventura may turn into coronavirus quarantine center as Costa Mesa denies entry to 50 patients

  • Travelers landing in LAX will be monitored and checked for the disease, if symptoms are found they will be quarantined

  • The quarantine will be based on the travel history of patients

  • CDC is assessing whether a spread throughout the country is possible

The naval base Ventura county is being cleared in preparation to be a possible quarantine housing option for coronavirus patients. A US Department of Health and Human Services statement late on Sunday night said travelers coming through LAX would be monitored and quarantined if they display any symptom of the Covid-19.

Based on travel history, the person would be housed in Point Mogu for detecting the disease. If the symptoms develop while the patient is in quarantine, then they will be shifted to a medical facility. The Center for Disease Control has been looking into the possibility of a spread in the coronavirus infections in the country.

Naval Base Ventura County Point Mugu
Naval Base Ventura County Point Mugu Google Maps

The 'likely' spread: A step for precaution

The CDC and HHS said that there has been no domestic transfer of the disease in the country, but this seemed to be a step of precaution in the state. It is also unclear whether the step is to steer clear of Costa Mesa. For now, Secretary of Defense Mark T. Esper has tasked Naval Base Ventura County to prepare the Ventura naval base for federal quarantine. A Community Info Session is scheduled Monday.

There will be a community information session in the base later on Monday, Feb 24. Even though the immediate risk is less, the CDC and HSS along with several other parts of the US government and enforcement, continue to monitor the situation for some time.

Costa Mesa

Initially, the federal health had planned on transferring a dozen or so patients to an empty building in Costa Mesa, in California. But the city was granted a restraining order from the relocation of 50 patients to the city by a judge on Friday. The Leaders from Costa Mesa said that the patients' transfer would put the community at risk.

The transfer was supposed to happen from Travis Air Force Base in Northern California to the Fairview Developmental Center. The local officials chided the federal government on moving the patients and not considering the last minute plan thoroughly.

The local authorities claimed that the federal agencies didn't coordinate with them. It remained unclear to the people when the transfer would happen and what would be the protocol.

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