The Weeknd Gets 'Lost' During Super Bowl Halftime Performance, Gets Immortalized as a Meme

The Internet erupted in memes after The Weeknd's half-time performance at the Super Bowl on Sunday night.

The Weeknd performed at the halftime show for Super Bowl LV between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday night but his performance has gone viral for different reasons.

The R&B artist, whose real name is Abel Tesfaye, kicked off his set at Florida's Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida in the absence of fans (owing to the coronavirus pandemic). The singer delivered a blockbuster performance as he belted out a medley of his greatest hits on the field in his signature black trousers and red jacket. However, an incident during the gig inadvertently gave people on Twitter fodder for the best meme of the night.

The 'Looking Around' Meme

The Weeknd
The Weeknd performing at the Super Bowl on Sunday night. Twitter

During his performance, the Blinding Lights singer wove his way on and off the stage and at one point, while singing, Can't Feel My Face, The Weeknd found himself in a mirrored, golden-glittery, maze-like room that he struggled to get out of in a dizzying sequence.

In the chaotic next few seconds that ensued, he can be seen frantically looking around as the camera records his reaction. The moment has now been turned into a meme on social media with netizens using it for situations when one does not know what is going on or when one is lost.

Twitter Reactions:

"When you lost and your friend says they'll meet you at the Ferris wheel at a festival," one user captioned a video clip of the distressed singer trying to escape the gold room. "5 year old in the grocery store looking for my mom," commented another. Here are some of the posts:

From losing the waitress at The Cheesecake Factory to Rudy Giuliani looking for evidence of voter fraud, the internet used the clip to describe various situations. Here are some of the best Twitter reactions that we have rounded up for your viewing pleasure:

Netizens also used footage from the dizzying sequence to describe talking to their co-workers on Zoom meetings and what we look like from the inside of a microwave.

Some were even pandemic-themed: