Wood Sitting on Bed: FBI Mistakenly Includes Meme of Nude Man in Capitol Rioter Complaint

The meme is often used as 'bait-and-switch' prank wherein recipients are directed to open a link where they are greeted by the sight of a big man sitting on a bed with a huge penis.

The FBI has mistakenly included a well-decorated photo of a large, nude man with a huge penis sitting on a bed as evidence in its criminal complaint against a suspect in the Capitol riot. The FBI affidavit that included this viral internet image was filed this week as evidence after they detained 33-year-old Massachusetts man Brian McCreary, who is one of the accused in the January 6 unrest in Capitol Hill.

The image, known in internet circles as "wood sitting on a bed," was photoshopped into a framed painting in the background of an otherwise unchanged picture of rioters during the attempted Capitol siege. Needless to say, the photograph, which was included unwittingly, has now left the FBI embarrassed.

Rude Joke

The FBI photograph containing the meme of 'Wood Sitting on a Bed' Twitter

The photoshopped image, which appears on the fourth page of the documents, was submitted as evidence to back up the case along with several other images on Wednesday after McCreary was detained. The bizarre image is often featured as a lewd meme and known as 'Wood Sitting on a Bed' or 'Huge Penis Guy.'

FBI original photo
In the other photo the original painting can be seen Twitter

The viral internet meme is often used as 'bait-and-switch' prank wherein the recipient is directed to open a link where they are greeted by the sight of a big man sitting on the edge of a bed with a huge penis. Interestingly, it is a very common photograph and has been in circulation since 2012. The man behind the meme, Wardy Joubert III, passed away of a heart attack in 2016, according to Vice.

Over the years it was losing popularity but once again came into prominence during the Covid-19 lockdown with images of the large, naked man being placed on fake Time magazine covers and showing him as a 'Jeopardy!' contestant.

Big Man
The original photo of 'Wood Sitting on a Bed' Twitter

Interestingly, nothing else has been photoshopped in the image. McCreary, a Domino's Pizza deliveryman, can be seen in the photo wearing a blue surgical mask, directly to the left of the fur-and horn-wearing Jacob Chansley, better known as the QAnon Shaman.

It can be assumed that FBI agents completely overlooked the photoshopped part of the image and it was done completely unintentionally as the document makes no reference to the meme.

Embarrassing Moment

Naturally, the FBI is embarrassed and is trying to figure out how the mistake happened. The warrant was filed by special agent Emily Eckert and includes two photos of McCreary inside the building with an arrow identifying him. One of these photographs contains the meme while the other one remains undisturbed.

In the other photograph, McCreary can be seen filming the chaos on his phone as a band of men led by the QAnon Shaman Jake Angeli stand next to him. In this photograph, the original 19th century painting, that of Kentucky Senator Henry Clay, can be seen hanging on the wall to the left of an archway.

Following the incident Eckert said the FBI apparently failed to notice a clear watermark on the image indicating it was created by somebody under the username "@BarryTributePage." The edited image was reportedly sent to the federal agency by one of McCreary's co-workers who reported him to law enforcement after he returned from Washington D.C.