#WeddingImpossible is the proper drama to replace #MarryMyHusband - New Drama Opens Positive Reviews

"#WeddingImpossible is the proper drama to replace #MarryMyHusband" - is one of the many reviews from viewers about the new tvN drama. The mini-series is based on a webtoon of the same name scripted by Song Jung Won and illustrated by Lee Chung. It has opened to positive reviews.

The mini-series, starring Jeon Jong Seo, Moon Sang Min, Kim Do Wan, and Bae Yoon Kyung, premiered on Monday (February 26). The first episode introduced viewers to Jong Seo as a struggling actress, Na Ah Jung, Do Wan as her childhood friend, Lee Do Han, and Sang Min as his ambitious younger brother, Lee Ji Han.

The romantic comedy-drama began by featuring the complicated relationship between two brothers and the struggling actress. Ah Jung gets entangled in a relationship with Ji Han after Do Han requests her to help him hide his secret. The viewers can watch the next episode to learn more about these three characters.

Wedding Impossible
Wedding Impossible poster. Twitter/tvN

Wedding Impossible Review

After watching the premiere episode, K-drama lovers worldwide flooded social media platforms with messages about the story, casts, and the on-screen chemistry between the characters in this new drama. Here are a few of them:

#WeddingImpossible is the proper drama to replace #MarryMyHusband. I enjoyed Su-min, but she stressed me for those eight weeks, so I welcomed an unserious, lighthearted, and romantic drama.

The first episode of #WeddingImpossible is fun. It is a rom-com classic in the making!

We are starting to look at a new project. It will be the hottest love triangle ever, with the story of two brothers and one girl. But I will say right away that I chose a brunette guy. I like this couple better.

Wedding Impossible
Wedding Impossible poster Twitter/tvN

Okay, I'm 5 mins into #WeddingImpossible, and already I can tell it's going to be good! In just five minutes they have established BOTH the FL and ML as smart and lowkey diabolical without them even meeting. High hopes for this one

#WeddingImpossible is so damn good. Just one ep in & it's already too gripping with all the lies and misunderstandings, and so funny on top of that

The plot is super fun, with him being a rebel against forced marriage by his grandfather, and Dohan is such a lovable and sweet guy. We cheer for a positive representation! And guys, he will also have a LOVELINE later!

Just tuned in to Wedding Impossible, and yeah...it's the romcom of the year, it's about to bring K-drama Twitter together again.