'We Don't Want Season 4' - Netizens' React to Netflix Announcement of Single's Inferno Season 4

Single's Inferno will be back with season 4 soon. Netflix announced the show's renewal on (Wednesday) January 24. The followers of this variety dating show were unhappy to hear about this news. They shared their disappointments on various social media platforms, including Twitter. Some netizens' urged the streaming giant to release the unreleased scenes from season 3 before working on the next sequel.

A couple of weeks after Netflix streamed the finale of Single's Inferno Season 3, the online media giant announced the show's renewal. The streaming platform aired the season 3 final on Tuesday (January 9). It featured four couples successfully walking out of the island. The winning teams were Lee Jin Seok and Ahn Min Young, Park Min Kyu and Kim Gyu Ri, Choi Min Woo and Yu Si Eun, and Lee Gwan Hee and Choi Hye Seon.

After watching the finale, the viewers were eagerly waiting for unreleased scenes. However, the production team has not released the visuals yet. So, the audiences were disappointed after hearing the news about the show's renewal. Several Netizens shared their disappointments online. We Don't Want Season 4 were the immediate reactions from the viewers.

Single's Inferno 4
Single's Inferno 4 Twitter/Nerflix KR

Netizens' Reactions

Unreleased scenes, please. Especially the scenes of Hye Seon and Gwan Hee. Netflix seems to have cut several scenes between this couple. Just give us those scenes, please.

Was season 3 for exposure only? Because it looks like it. You completely ignored the fans asking for content. You made content for S2 and cannot even do it for S3. And now you are suddenly announcing S4.

We don't want season 4. We want unreleased content from season 3. I feel like you scammed us.

Dear @NetflixKR, I've heard about some unreleased cuts and was wondering if there are any plans for their official release in the future. Or any reaction videos? Give it raw. Sincerely, A fan.

What if you give us unreleased videos first, especially Gwan Hee and Hye Seon's moments?

Unreleased cut of SI3 first, please? And I want SI3's casts to reunite officially. So that we can see them have fun together while watching, talking, and reacting to their scenes like SI2's casts did. Please

So you took advantage of SI3 fame and released SI4 without giving us the unreleased videos and reaction videos of the cast.

Release the unreleased footage for Season 3 or maybe new content like the S2.

Please don't call yourself a dating show. It's embarrassing for other reality dating shows, like Transit Love, hahaha.

Does season 3 end here? Don't you have any content from the Single Inferno 3 cast? Please give us content from the cast of season three before you make season 4 again. So we have it.