Single Inferno 3 Ending Explained, Episodes 10 and 11 Recap, Review

Single Inferno 3 ending focuses on the love triangle between Lee Gwan Hee, Choi Hye Seon, and Cho Min Ji. Episodes 10 and 11 will air on Netflix on Tuesday (January 9). Park Min Kyu, Yu Si Eun, Son Won Ik, Choi Min Woo, and Kim Gyu Ri faced challenges while deciding on their partners. People in Korea and other parts of the world watched the finale on Netflix.

The biggest question of the show was the final decision of Lee Gwan Hee. He kept the viewers on the edge of their seats until the end. After spending time with Choi Hye Seon and Cho Min Ji in paradise, Gwan Hee found it hard to choose his partner. He kept going back and forth about his decision. The female contestants also found it difficult to conclude.

After his final trip to paradise, Gwan Hee wanted to go with Hye Seon. But when the contestant heard about Min Ji from Min Woo, he felt guilty for her. Gwan Hee tried to connect with Min Ji until he spoke with Hye Seon. Both the contestants struggled to hold back their tears while they spent their last night on the Inferno with other contestants.

Gwan Hee and Hye Seon had a heartfelt conversation after the other contestants went to their rooms. They opened up to one another and felt emotionally attached. However, the male contestant did not reveal his final decision to anyone. He kept it a secret until the end, keeping the viewers and judges on the edge.

Single's Inferno 3
Single's Inferno 3 poster. Twitter/Netflix Korea

Who Did Lee Gwan Hee?

All the 12 contestants gathered together on the last day. Lee Jin Seok was the first person to walk towards the gate. The first contestant to reveal the final decision was An Min Young. They happily went out of the island. Park Min Kyu and Kim Gyu Ri also went out successfully.

When it came to Yu Si Eun's turn, Choi Min Woo and Son Won Ik stood up for her. She chose Min Woo as her partner, and they happily went out. Finally, it was Gwan Hee's turn. Choi Hye Seon, Yun Ha Jeong, and Cho Min Ji stood up for him. He chose Hye Seon as his partner. Min Ji, Won Ik, Ha Jeong, and Yun Ha Bin were back on the island.

Single's Inferno 3
Single's Inferno 3. Twitter/Netflix Korea

Netizens' Reactions

I was disappointed with Gwanhee, but then the bonfire scene happened. Gwanhee and Hyeseon cried, and they both knew the reason behind their tears. That's when I lost it, and it was the first time I cried while watching a dating show.

Gwan Hee choosing Hye Seon despite her calling him out coldly and not giving him affirmations is very significant while considering his insecurities. The bonfire scene was his moment of realization, and he cried twice because of her.

Aside from the bonfire scene where Gwan Hee cried after seeing Hye Seon cry, this scene made me believe that he would choose Hye Seon in the end. The If Boy cried his heart out and let go of his image for Hye Seon.

Congratulations to Hyeseon x Gwanhee. The most loved woman with the most hated man yet the most anticipated couple of the entire season.

This is why I love Da Hee and Jin Kyu as panelists. Gwan Hee's not crying because he's not choosing Hye Seon. He's crying because he's sorry he hurt her feelings. Also, it was his confession, words that he finally told her on their last day in Inferno.