Single Inferno 3 Ending, Episode 10 (Finale): How to Watch, Airdate, Preview, Spoilers, and More

Single Inferno 3 ending is a day away from its telecast. Episode 10 will air on Netflix on Tuesday (January 9). The followers of this dating reality show can look forward to a sizzling drama this week. The finale will take viewers through an emotional rollercoaster of events as the contestants choose to make their final decision. People in Korea and other parts of the world can watch the reality show on Netflix.

People in the US, Canada, Australia, the UK, Mexico, Denmark, Romania, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Greece, Greenland, Hong Kong, China, Japan, New Zealand, UAE, Singapore, Turkey, and South Africa, can stream the reality show with subtitles on Netflix through various devices, such as television, phones, and tablets.

The reality dating show focuses on the lives of single men and women stranded on an island. They can only go out of the island after pairing up as couples. The contestants play various fun games to find their match. The winning teams enjoy a stay at a luxurious island paradise.

Single's Inferno 3
Single's Inferno 3 poster. Twitter/Netflix Korea

Here is everything about Single Inferno episode 10, like preview and spoilers:

The preview for this week shows Choi Hye Seon, Yun Ha Jeong, Cho Min Ji, and the other contestants struggling to choose their partners. The viewers curiously wait to watch the new drama this week. After watching the preview, the followers of this reality dating show speculated about the final results.

Fans' Speculations

Minyoung > Jinseok
Jinseok > Minyoung
minji > gwanhee
Habin > hajeong > gwanhee
Hyeseon > gwanhee
Gwanhee > hyeseon
Gyuri > minwoo > sieun
Wonik > sieun > minwoo
Lets see how it turns out tmr. :)

My prediction for the endgame couples of #SinglesInferno3 tomorrow:
The girls will choose the boys this time.
Hyeseon, Hajeong, Minji - Gwanhee. He will select Hyeseon.
Sieun and Gyuri - Minwoo. He will opt for Sieun.
Minyoung - Jinseok. They will become a couple.

There is no way I am skipping to the last part of episode 11 tmr. My day would be ruined if I did not watch the finale. I am going to enjoy every single moment of the show. I will watch them and what led to their final decision because all the cast are good at this best season ever.

All the girls have strong personalities and carry this season even with less screen time. It makes them the best female casts out of all the three seasons. But for the guys, only Gwanhee and Jinseok provided entertainment.

I would not be sad if Gwanhee did not choose Hyeseon. But if Minwoo did not choose Sieun, I might bawl my eyes for her. Why she is so soft? It is like I need to protect her at all costs.

The finale episode will feature the Gwanhee-Hyeseon-Minji drama and the Minwoo-Gyuri-Sieun drama. I love how this season is so full of twists and flavors. It is so entertaining that it is the best and most entertaining Single's Inferno season for a reason!

#SinglesInferno3 is the best season of single inferno. Like, there is much drama going on. We have fun with people like Jin Seok and Ha Jeong. We got Hyeseon and Si Eun. Min young - jin seok drama. Rumor spreader habin and minkyu with gorgeous visuals. A love-hate relationship ++

Do you know how crazy this season is? They got me to ship all the ships at a certain point this season. SERIOUSLY. I have been going back and forth because they are good at this.

We would not be surprised if Gwanhee chooses no girl and walks out of the island only with ego top on his head. He is an unpredictable contestant in #SinglesInferno3.

Producers need to stop choking us with Gwanhee and his silliness. Show us Jinseok! Show us Minyoung!