'Water Hose Karen' Sprays Water on Black Woman; 'Harasses us Every Single f***ng day' Says Victim's Kin

A video showing a White Trump supporter spraying water through a hose on her black neighbour has gone viral on social media. The video, which was originally posted by the victim's daughter on her Tik Tok, was shared on Twitter after it was deleted by the social media platform.

The video was reposted by Twitter user @Tim_Tweeted, sparked a lot of reactions from the micro-blogging site's users.

water hose Karen
Still from the viral video. Twitter

Racist Woman Has Lawn Chairs Facing Black Woman's Home

The video begins with a white woman spraying water from a hose at a black woman standing across the street. The fence of the white woman, whose name was not revealed by the black woman's daughter, is seen standing near her fence covered with Trump supporting placards.

The user has captioned the video, "Trump supporter in Pennsylvania hoses Black neighbor." The video begins with a woman saying, "My mom outside cleaning the grill, and this is what she does."

The white woman is seen nearing the fence and shouting at the black woman, "All you wanna do is fight and run your damn f*cking mouth!" She then goes on to spray water at her Black neighbor.

"You're the one who started it, though," says @denisia_isme. "She ain't do nothing to you. You're doing way too much. You want somebody to touch you."

"Early in the morning, and my neighbor wanna be racist," @denisia_isme says according to Daily Dot.

The user then moves the camera towards the white woman's lawn and shows her lawn chairs and pointing towards their home. "Everything is facing us," she says, showing the long line of chairs. "And she harasses us every single f*cking day."

When the black woman tells her racist neighbour that "Nobody wants to fight, OK?" she responds by saying, "She wants to fight," while pointing towards @denisia_isme.

Social Media Reacts to the Video

The actions of the white woman left many social media users angry. "Why do people put so much effort and energy into being racist? The daily effort to be so hateful and evil. So vile. I will never understand that," wrote a Twitter user.

"How much harassment are people supposed to withstand at home? She should talk to her local government reps, and if that doesn't work she should go to the media and put a bunch of eyeballs on her neighbor's behavior. I doubt it can withstand such scrutiny. Shouldn't be like this," wrote another.

"I know no one watched/liked the show here, but that row of chairs facing the Black neighbors house reminded me of scenes from "Them" on Prime. As trauma porn and disgusting as that show was, so much was based in reality. So much of it still goes on," wrote another.

"Nah on a serious note that shit is fucked up, a lot of racists are still just fuming out and showing their true colors without any consequences and that shit aint cool," read another tweet.