Is Melania Staying Away From Donald Trump? Explosive New Book Dubs the Trumps 'Zoo Animals'

Speculations are being raised whether former First lady of US Melania Trump is still staying with Donald Trump at his Mar-a-Lago resort after an upcoming book highlights the couple's life at the Florida resort. Written by journalist Michael Wolff, the book, Landslide: The Final Days of the Trump Presidency, is scheduled for July 27 release.

Ever since leaving the White House following Joe Biden's inauguration ceremony, Melania has stayed away from the public eye despite having her own office.

Donald Trump and Melania Trump

Melania Trump Is Hardly a Presence at Mar-a-Lago

According to the Business Insider, one of the excerpts of the book speaks about the relationship between the former first couple. Claiming that it appears that the Trumps don't spend a lot of time together, Wolff said: "For four years in the White House, it was never quite clear how much time she was spending at the White House or in a house in Maryland where she had settled her parents. Aides were careful not to closely inquire or openly wonder. Here too, in Mar-a-Lago, it was unclear."

It isn't first time that Melania has chosen to stay away from Trump. During the beginning of her husband's presidential term, Melania did not move into the White House and instead stayed at the Trump Tower in New York with her son Barron. The decision of Melania cost about $27 million for security, according to Business Insider.

In April, a person close to the couple had revealed to CNN that Melania was not a 'presence at Mar-a-Lago at all.'

"She's not mingling with people and rarely interacts with her husband's staff," the person added.

The outlet had also reported that the Trumps share "a large suite of rooms" at the property and that Melania's parents stay there for weeks at a time in their own personal suite. Another person told the outlet that Melania also "makes frequent trips to the on-site spa - sometimes goes for treatments twice a day."

Trumps Eat Alone at Florida Resort

The forthcoming book claims that the Trumps are often eating alone at a 'roped-off table' in the center of their lavish resort whenever Melania is there. "The Trumps are "looked at, somewhat, like zoo animals. No, no, that's not right. They are like a newly married couple: every night is a wedding at which they spend their dinner greeting friends and wellwishers," Wolff says.

Trump, who is often seen meeting GOP senators and members of Congress at his resort, was stated to be eating his dinner most evenings on the patio, appearing just as it has filled, "at which point everyone stands and applauds."

The journalist further described the upscale club as an "old-fashioned club life", with Croquet Singles, a Prime Rib Night, and poster boards with the schedule.

"The only membership qualification now, beyond the actual cost ($250,000, up from $150,000 before the presidency, plus a hefty yearly fee), is to be an abject Trump admirer," Wolff writes. "This may not be so much a political statement as an aesthetic one - the thrall of a super-celebrity."