Ultra-HD video of earth from space
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An ultra-HD video of earth from space, posted by International Space Station Nasa astronaut Jeff Williams, has

The video shows a breathtaking view of earthscape from space. The video was taken from 250 miles above the earth's surface and highlights little details on the earth like islands, streams, gorges and hills pinned against the blue globe which gives it a surreal look. Even human populated places are seen in the video looking extremely dinky.

Astronaut Jeff Williams, who has spent more days in space than any other American, captured these high-definition images and video during his recent trip to the International Space Station. The NASA astronaut, after spending 534 days in space throughout his career, said that the astonishing sight of earth still makes him dumbfounded.

While this video is the Holy Grail for amateur astronomy enthusiasts, for commoners, it gives an opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the planet which we call our home.

Check out the astonishing video here:

Video credit: Jeff's Earth - 4K