UFO news: Alien hunters claim they spotted UFO crossing moon's surface [VIDEO]

A shadowy object was seen crossing the moon in the video footage of the lunar streamed by the Miami Observatory

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December supermoon was a key date for stargazers as well as alien hunters. While astronomy enthusiasts were excited about the super moon that lit up the sky on 13 December, UFO hunters have been obsessed with a video footage of the lunar streamed by the Miami Observatory in Florida.

According to the alien experts, the video that shows a disk-like object coming in vision is the ultimate proof of extraterrestrial life. They have been knocking up theories on the internet since 3 December, when the video was first streamed, claiming that the shadowy object is actually a UFO and aliens are quite near to us.

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Editor of ufosightingsdaily.com, Scott C Waring, said that he is convinced that the mysterious object that appeared out of nowhere against the surface of the moon is not a man-made object rather it is something completely extraterrestrial. "It's not a man-made object, because there are not solar panel wings on it to gather energy...There are no antennas on it for transmitting, also the surface is not completely round, but has a rough edge to it," he said as reported by the Fox News. However, Waring lacks evidence to support his claim.

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While many people are actually convinced that it might be a real UFO, the claim did not go down well with several others. One poster, according to the news website, refuted claims that it was an alien spaceship on YouTube. "After studying it is NOT an object... I have come to these conclusions after multiple replays effected, I have seen that it does not maintain the form," said the user.

"For me it is the outskirts of a shadow. If this is so it is very possible that the object crossed between the Moon and the Sun projecting the shadow," he added.

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Recently, several theories claiming that extraterrestrial life exists surfaced on the internet. Alien enthusiast also claimed that the US Air Force is hiding some vital information about aliens, following a video showing three bright orbs right above a restricted air base in Las Vegas.

This article was first published on December 15, 2016