SHOCKING: Not aliens or sci-fi, these are real terrifying creatures caught deep down in ocean

Roman Fedortsov, a trawlerman, has shared pictures of some creatures that got caught in his fishing nets

Terrifying creature
One of the creatures that got caught in Roman Fedortsov's net

Human beings are obsessed with alien creatures and they are thrilled by science fiction movies portraying living beings that give one goosebumps. However, we often forget to look around us. There are creatures right within our reach that seem to have come out from our most terrifying nightmares. Their appearance will make us question evolution and creation.

Very recently, 163 new species that were discovered from the Greater Mekong Region made headlines. However, we ignore the vast array of life that exits right below us – in the dark abyss of the oceans. According to the largest study of the oceans' biodiversity ever conducted, there are up to two-thirds of the plant and animal species in the world's oceans that are still undiscovered. Also, human beings have only managed to explore 5 percent of the world's oceans and 95 percent remains surrounded in mystery.

Thus one can imagine what all lurk in the darkest parts of the ocean. Some pictures of such creatures shared by Roman Fedortsov, a Russian trawlerman, has taken the internet by storm. He clicked some creatures of the deep that by chance got caught in his fishing nets. While some creatures look like blobs of rotting flesh, others look like blood sucking monsters of the deep.

Check out pictures of some creatures posted by Fedortsov. We bet you will forget Steven Spielberg's Alien:

Такая вот красотка из трала)

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В продолжении темы... другой ракурс #макрурус

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