Watch: 'Kingdom: Legendary War' Episode 8 Previews iKON - Stray Kids Vocal Performances

'Kingdom: Legendary War' Round 3: BLACKPINK's LISA will perform CLASSY SAVAGE along with iKON; G(i)DLE's Miyeon will act out a proposal scene with BTOB's Changsub.

Mnet's dance and music show Kingdom: Legendary War is all set for grand performances in episode 8. As reported earlier, BLACKPINK's Lisa and G(i)DLE's Miyeon will also sizzle the dance stage, in support of iKON and BTOB, respectively. Here is what the 45-second preview of episode 8 has to offer.

Six teams will continue their performances for the third round contest - No Limit. This round is divided into two parts. In the first part, members will collaborate with other contesting teams, based on their local, dancing and rap skills. The second part will have team performances.

Kingdom Ep 8 preview
Kingdom: Legendary War episode 8 will showcase Mayfly facing off with iT's ONE in vocal unit contest. Instagram

iT's ONE V/S Mayfly

The preview clip gives a glimpse of powerful performances planned for episode 8. In the first part, iKon, SF9 and THE BOYZ called by the name iT'S ONE vocal unit are seen performing Taeyeon's Spark. The vocal team will have a face-off with ATEEZ, BTOB, Stray Kids known as Mayfly's vocal unit is seen singing IU's Love Poem.

In the second part, the original teams will perform to the theme No Limit. Contestants are free to feature any genre, artistes or have collaborations. Thus, iKon and BTOB have collaborated with LISA and Miyeon respectively, using this special privilege. But what the other teams including Stray Kids, THE BOYZ, ATEEZ and SF9 have to offer is still a secret.

Episode 8 Preview

The preview video also shows iKON performing CLASSY SAVAGE featuring Lisa. BLACKPINK singer is seen donning a gold outfit. Stray Kids will perform God's Ddu Du Ddu Du in this round. In the previous preview, Miyeon was seen acting out a proposal scene with BTOB's Changsub.

Winning team of round 3 will be awarded a total of 40,000 points. Out of this, victory in the vocal unit will fetch the winning team contestants [three contestants from three teams] 5,000 pints each.

After combined rankings of Round 1 and Round 2, Stray Kids is in the top position followed by ATEEZ in the second place and BTOB in the third place. The fourth and fifth place is secured by iKON and THE BOYZ, respectively and SF9 is on the last spot.

Kingdom: Legendary War show is hosted by Max Changmin of TVXQ. There is no elimination, but the show will have four rounds. Currently, the six teams are contesting for the third round. The show is aired on Thursdays at 7.50 PM KST.