Watch David Blaine Fly 18,000-Ft in Death-Defying Balloon Stunt 'Ascension' [VIDEO]

Watch David Blaine's Death-Defying Stunt 'Ascension'

David Blaine, the American illusionist is ready for his next daredevil and death-defying stunt. Yes, the American illusionist is all set to stun fans with his extreme performance in which he will take off high above the Arizona desert with 52 colorful balloons stacked 50-ft high.

The American illusionist got his final approval for performing the stunt from the Federal Aviation Administration on Tuesday. According to several media reports, the magician will be able to soar high into the sky above Page, Arizona, on Wednesday morning with the help of helium-filled weather balloons. David Blaine will fly up to 18,000-ft using these bunch of balloons.

Blaine and His Daredevil Stunt

David Blaine's Death-Defying Balloon Stunt
David Blaine's Death-Defying Balloon Stunt YouTube Screen Grab

Reportedly, David Blaine was supposed to perform the stunt on August 31 in New York City. Among the 52 balloons, there will be one special mechanical payload "balloon" that has been technically designed for the experiment.

Blaine after climbing up to three miles above sea level will take a free fall before eventually opening his parachute for landing. His live event will be streamed live on YouTube and other platforms. David Blaine has once again got the opportunity to redefine magic in his own way during the ongoing pandemic around the world. His death-defying stunt is titled "Ascension," which is all very "Up"-like — just without the house, the old man, and the young scout.

The take-off was scheduled for 9 AM. ET/6 AM. PT, however, due to unfavorable weather it was delayed. Now the launch is set to take place by 10:45 AM ET/7:45 AM. PT, wind, and weather-permitting, according to reports by a leading media website. Interestingly, David Blaine had to acquire a license for being the pilot of a hot-air-balloon. David will be hanging with the balloon while performing the actual stunt and won't have any basket.

Watch the Livestream of David Blaine's Death-Defying Balloon Stunt: