Was Princess Charlotte Scolded During Trooping the Color Ceremony? Viral Video with Great Aunt Sophie Causes Stir

Princess Charlotte was allegedly scolded by her great-aunt Sophie, the Duchess of Edinburgh, during the Trooping the Colour ceremony. A video showcasing the incident which took place during the official birthday celebrations of King Charles III has gone viral on social media.

Princess Charlotte
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Duchess Told Charlotte to 'Sit Down'

The 5-second clip shows the 8-year-old Princess, dressed in a white and red dress standing in the balcony as she watches the Horse Guards Parade along with her great-aunt. Charlotte is seen talking with the Duchess which then leads to the latter responding rather sternly. Many social media users claimed that the Duchess told the princess to "sit down" as she snapped at the child. Princess Charlotte is seen looking away after hearing an earful from her great aunt.

It may be recalled that during Queen Elizabeth's funeral, Kate Middleton was scolded by her mother-in -law, Camilla, for Princess Charlotte's behaviour during the ceremony.

The Sun reported that the incident took place when Princess Charlotte, along with her brother George was standing near the at Wellington Arch to watch as the Queen's coffin being transferred to the State Hearse.

Prince George appeared to pinch his sister following which she yelped in pain mounting an "Ow!" ' According to the outlet, while the incident was overlooked by several royal members, it certainly left Queen Camilla offended. The frowning queen was seen pointing at Charlotte and telling Kate to "Take her," the outlet reported.

Social Media Reacts

The recent incident invited a lot of reactions from the social media users many of whom came up with different versions of what Princess Charlotte might have been told by her great aunt.

"So is Sophie telling Charlotte 'it's now' or to 'sit down'. Personally, I think it's 'sit down', judging by Charlotte's reaction. But she doesn't sit down!" tweeted a user.

"Sophie told Charlotte to sit down. Must have needed to go to the bathroom!" wrote another.

"She's not being told off or told to sit down. Suspect she's asked a question a few times and been told 'It's now,'" opined a user.

"Just in case you were wondering, I'm not quite sure exactly what Charlotte said, but Sophie definitely said 'it is loud,'" read another.

"I think The Duchess of Edinburgh is saying 'it's loud'. There again, I'm not a lip reader. Therefore, the duchess could be saying several things that look similar. If the duchess IS saying 'Sit down', she probably had good reason to do so," expressed a user.