Was Michael Jackson Murdered By Illuminati For Pop Anthem Black or White?

Michael Jackson was apparently under the control of Illuminati, but he spent his life rebelling against the secret society

Michael Jackson
File photo of Michael Jackson Reuters

It was on June 25, 2009, that King of Pop Michael Jackson was found dead after suffering an overdose of surgical anesthetic Propofol. Upon investigation, Conrad Murray, Jackson's doctor was convicted of involuntary manslaughter for administering the anesthetic drug that resulted in the death of the singer.

Did Illuminati Kill Michael Jackson?

After several years of Michael Jackson's death, a blog titled 'The Murder of Michael Jackson Decoded' claimed that the singer's death was planned and executed by Illuminati, an alleged secret society that has long been believed by conspiracy theorists to have wielded power over many governments in the world.

According to the blog post, Jackson initially became the target of the Illuminati in 1984, when the singer purchased the publishing rights for much of Beatle's back catalog. The singer further angered Illuminati with the video of his pop anthem Black or White, and the blog alleges that this video clip loudly portrays Jackson's opposition against the secret society.

"The video "Black or White", had a 4-minute scene that was cut out of it, where Michael demonstrates his rebellion against the secret society that controls the music industry. Within this video, he breaks out in an occult dance that symbolizes rebellion and he even turned down one of the secret hand signals of the Elite. He goes on to destroy a vehicle that had many occult symbols on it such as 666 and KKK," wrote the author of the blog.

False Allegations Shattered Michael Jackson

Members of the Illuminati who have unimaginable powers tried to tarnish and get rid of Michael Jackson by setting up false allegations of child molestation against him. However, the trial did not go as per Illuminati's plans, and Jackson was acquitted on every charge.

As the trial did not succeed in punishing Jackson, members of the Illuminati finally decided to kill him. The blog post alleged that as a part of the black sacrifice, Illuminati needed to kill two more celebrities on the same day, and they apparently murdered actress Farrah Fawcett and rocker Sky Saxon on June 25, 2009.