Oprah Winfrey loses balance, falls on stage; clip goes viral on social media [VIDEO]

The 66-year-old philanthropist Winfrey was talking about the importance of balance in life when she lost her balance

Ironies of irony struck Oprah Winfrey, 66-year-old philanthropist and talk show host after she lost her balance and fell down on the stage while talking about the importance of balance in life. The incident occurred during the Los Angeles chapter of the ongoing "Oprah's 2020 Vision: Your Life in Focus" tour.

Though the fall was nasty, but thankfully Oprah escaped unhurt and quickly went back to her speech. Oprah laid the blame on her shoes which broke down as she was taking a walk on the stage while addressing the gathering.

Here is what happened

Oprah Winfrey
Oprah Winfrey shares how she feels by her decision of not being a mother. Pinterest

Before she had her mighty fall on the stage Oprah was speaking about wellness and balance. "So, here's my definition of what wellness means to me. This is my definition, not yours. It's just an idea because you're going to be defining it for yourselves. Wellness to me means all things in balance, and balance doesn't mean all things are equal or at peace at all times," said Oprah right before she lost her own balance and fell down on the stage.

What followed was a series of loud gasps from the members of the audience. Quick to roll over and assess the damage, Oprah blamed the shoes for her fall. "Wrong Shoes," she said. Oprah stood up in no time and after removing her broken shoes continued with her speech barefoot. "It's nice to be talking about balance and fall!" she chuckled.

Oprah's fall video goes viral

It was soon after that people started sharing the viral clip of Oprah's fall on social media. 50 Cent was amongst the first ones to share the clip and poke fun at Oprah. Hinting at his displeasure over Oprah refraining from condemning only the black men during the #MeToo movement including Russell Simmons and Michael Jackson, the singer posted: "What the fuck happen here, ‍♂️. Michael Jackson's ghost trip her."

Quite aware of her clip going viral and fodder for meme creators Oprah too mentioned about the incident on her twitter. Thanking JLo for appearing at the event, Oprah tweeted: "Thank you to the astoundingly age-defiant @jlo who came to the show in this stunner & gave new meaning to the word 50. LA: You were lit! In spite of my fall (which now becomes a meme), you brought me UP with your energy. Now I'm headed home to ice my knee."