Was Ghislaine Maxwell Pregnant With Epstein's Child? New Photo Shows Epstein Placing Hand on Maxwell's Belly

The question gathers pushes speculation as the photo emerged just a day after a victim testified to seeing a photo of Maxwell nude and pregnant at Epstein's home.

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Does a love child exist between Jeffery Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell? Was Maxwell at one time pregnant with Epstein's child? Questions are swirling about after a new photo was presented as evidence in Maxwell's trial on Wednesday that shows Epstein placing his hand over the British socialite's belly.

The questions gather more strength as the photo emerged just a day after a victim testified to seeing a photo of Maxwell nude and pregnant. The victim, Carolyn, took the courtroom by shock on Tuesday after she said that that she saw a photo Maxwell in Epstein's home where she was naked with a pregnant belly.

Strange Relationship

Maxwell Epstein new photo
The new photo that was presented as exhibit on Wednesday shows Epstein's hand placed on Maxwell's belly as she looks pregnant US District Attorney's Office

A day after Carolyn's shocking statement a photograph was presented in the courtroom as evidence. The photographs shows Epstein with his hand lovingly placed on Maxwell's stomach. Although no evidence or details were given in court about the alleged pregnancy, speculation is now rife that the Epstein may have a love child with Maxwell.

Although Maxwell is not known to be a mother, nor Epstein a father, the photo has now raised quite a few questions on how deep was Epstein and Maxwell's relationship. Moreover, Epstein may have got Maxwell pregnant and both were planning a child but wanted to conceal his identity.

The photo shows Epstein and Maxwell standing on a bridge in front of snowy scenery. It is not known when the photo was taken as the prosecution has provided no details for the images submitted into evidence but both look a lot younger. Maxwell is seen wearing a coat and a sweatshirt, while Epstein is wearing a red ski suit.

Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell
Other images of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell released at the trial. Twitter

The pedophile's hand can be seen resting under Maxwell's coat and on her stomach caressing her.

Questions have been raised on Maxwell and Epstein's relationship throughout the high-profile trial, with prosecutors trying to label them as 'partners in crime.' Several others have, however, testified they appeared to be a couple or sharing just a business relationship.

More Than Business Partners

Many believe that the couple has a love child or at least Maxwell was pregnant with Epstein's child at one point. According to an attorney for Virginia Roberts, one of Epstein's most vocal alleged victims, who claims she was forced to have sex with Prince Andrew, Epstein and Maxwell wanted to have a child of their own.

Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell at the Queen'scabin
Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell (left) and the Queen pictured at the log cabin. Twitter

Last year, Roberts' attorney, Bradley Edwards said in his memoir 'Relentless Pursuit' that Epstein and Maxwell once approached Roberts and requested her carry their baby. Roberts was just 19 years old then.

"They told Virginia she would be taken care of for the rest of her life if she would agree to give Epstein and Maxwell a child, although there were some strings attached," Edwards wrote in her memoir.

Virginia Roberts Giuffre
Virginia Roberts Giuffre also claims that Maxwell would have sex with underage girls "virtually every day" YouTube Grab

"In particular, she would have to sign a contract agreeing that the baby was not her own, but the legal child of Epstein and Maxwell," he added. This further pushes speculation that Maxwell and Epstein wanted a child of their own and they may have had first tried to conceive on their own before approaching Roberts for surrogacy.

Moreover, Roberts' rejection of the offer didn't go down well with the couple. This made Roberts start plans of escaping. "It was the final straw. She couldn't bear the thought of Epstein and Maxwell raising her child. She knew she had to escape," he wrote.

Roberts finally fled to Thailand after three years of abuse in what she called Epstein and Maxwell's "sex cult." The never-seen-before photograph, Carolyn's testimony on Tuesday and the writings in the memoir of Edwards, now once again push speculation that Epstein and Maxwell may have a love child.