Who is Melanie S. Walker? Glamorous Neurosurgeon and Wife of Ex-Microsoft Boss Introduced Bill Gates to Jeffery Epstein

Walker first met Epstein in 1992 when she was aspiring to be model and had just graduated from college and later worked for him before shifting to Gates Foundation.

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The person who brought Microsoft founder Bill Gates and pedophile Jeffery Epstein is a glamorous neurosurgeon who was hired by the convicted pedophile as his 'science advisor.' Dr. Melanie S. Walker, 49, is a stunning looking neurosurgeon, who is married to a former Microsoft executive, and played a key role in bringing together the two men.

According to Rolling Stone, Walker, was hired by the Gates Foundation, the charity started up by the multibillionaire software mogul and later became a mentee of Epstein's after he reportedly encouraged her to forego a modeling opportunity and finish medical school instead. Walker later landed a job at the World Bank.

The Secret Link

Melanie Walker
Melanie Walker UW School of Medicine

According to the Rolling Stone, Walker had known Epstein for a long time when she had no connection with the Gates Foundation. She first met Epstein in 1992 when she was aspiring to be model and had just graduated from college. Walker was sightseeing in New York City on a vacation when Epstein reportedly approached her at the Plaza Hotel alongside Donald Trump, who at the time owned the landmark property.

She moved to New York and stayed at a Manhattan apartment that Epstein owned after Epstein told her he could get her an audition for a modeling job with Victoria's Secret. Epstein then was an advisor to Leslie Wexner, the billionaire owner of Victoria's Secret at that time.

Jeffrey Epstein
Jeffrey Epstein Twitter/Jeffrey Epstein

However, Walker in the meantime finished medical school in Texas and was hired by Epstein as a science adviser in 1998. She was still pursuing her post doctoral degree at Cal Tech at that time. According to Rolling Stone, Walker was extremely grateful to Epstein for hiring her as well as the career advice he provided.

In fact, Epstein encouraged her to finish medical school first and discouraged her from making a career in modeling. An insider with knowledge of the alleged personal connection between Walker and Epstein told Rolling Stone that it was around this time that Walker had become close friends with Prince Andrew. However, the link didn't come through Epstein. Walker reportedly was even gifted a spare ticket to a Broadway show via another friend and ended up sitting next to Andrew.

She worked for Epstein for a few years and then moved to Seattle. This was in 2006 after she had met Steven Sinofsky.

Bill gates
Bill Gates Twitter

Sinofsky, who was already working for Microsoft, eventually rose to become president of Microsoft's Windows division. Sinofsky had introduced Walker to Gates at a company dinner a few years before she came to Seattle, following which she was hired by the Gates Foundation.

Liaison Between Gates and Epstein

According to the Rolling Stone, Gates Foundation had placed Walker at the World Bank as part of a "secondment," an arrangement that allowed the foundation to pay Walker's salary despite the fact she worked for the bank.

At the foundation, Walker became friends with Nikolic, who was the organization's science adviser.

Melanie Walker
Melanie Walker World Economic Forum

Nikolic was known as a man who traveled and socialized frequently with Gates. Walker who was well in touch with Epstein, her mentor, introduced him to Nikolic and the two soon became friends.

That eventually led to the first meeting between Gates and Epstein in 2010 which took place at Epstein's New York City townhouse. Epstein was trying to procure a deal with Gates through his charity at that time. The meeting was reportedly attended by other associates of Epstein, including Eva Andersson-Dubin, the former Miss Sweden who is married to hedge fund billionaire Glenn Dubin.

According to insiders, Epstein did not have the sort of money he claimed to have and Gates was none the wiser until he found out much later. Sources told the New York Times that after Epstein allegedly asked to receive a cut of any donations he had helped facilitate from his clients into the global health fund, Gates and those close to him never finalized the deal as lawyers who looked over the dockets allegedly found inconsistencies that were alarming.

However, Gates had positive things to say about Epstein. In an email to colleagues obtained by the Times, he wrote: "A very attractive Swedish woman and her daughter dropped by and I ended up staying there quite late."

A few months later, Gates and Epstein were reportedly spotted conversing at a TED Conference in Long Beach, California.