Was Dead Belzean Cop Dating Socialite Jasmine Hartin? Spoke About 'Date' with a Mystery Woman

Police superintendent Henry Jemmott, the Belizean cop who died after being shot in the head by socialite Jasmine Hartin, had told his friend that he was going on a date. Jemmott had refused to reveal the name of his lover saying he would take his secret 'to the grave'.

Hartin, daughter-in-law of billionaire Michael Ashcroft, was arrested after Jemmott was found dead with a gunshot on his head. Hartin, the wife of Michael Ashcroft's son Andrew, was found on the dock near Jemmott's body in the town of San Pedro early on Friday.

Jasmine Hartin
Jasmine Hartin arrested in connection with superintendent Henry Jemmott's murder

Hartin and Jemmot Were Drinking Alone on the Pier

As previously reported, the authorities had revealed that the pair knew each other and were drinking when the incident took place. Investigators believe Hartin and the deceased were alone on the dock and were fully dressed.

"We have to look at every possibility," Police Commissioner Chester Williams said while addressing a news conference. He also added that Hartin was found with blood-covered arms and clothing when the authorities spotted her. The gun used to kill Jemmott was found on the pier.

Daily Mail reported that Hartin while terming the shooting an accident told investigators that she was passing the Glock to her 'friend' when it accidentally went off.

Was Hartin the 'Mystery Woman' in Jemmott's Life ?

Speaking to Daily Mail, a friend of the dead cop, who did not want to named, said that Jemmott contacted him last week to say he was headed to San Pedro.

"I asked him where he was staying and he said Grand Colony. I said, what? You have money then? He said, I have stripes with the Ashcrofts, they are my friends. I said, you're with the rich people now and he laughed," told the friend.

Revealing that the high-ranking cop was very happy hours before he died, the friend said he was looking forward to meeting a mystery woman. "He was the happiest cop you'll ever see but he's always like that. I said where are you going tonight and he said, I have a date. He called the girl. When I heard the voice I asked who she was. He joked, that's my secret, this one I'm taking to my grave and he did take it," he disclosed.