Nancy Mace Vandalized Her Own Home With Spray Paint? Speculations After Netizens Find Similarity in 'Handwriting'

Speculations about US Rep. Nancy Mace, R South Carolina, vandalizing her own home went viral on social media after several netizens found similarities between her handwriting and the spray-painted graffiti. Mace had posted pictures of her home in the Charleston community of Daniel Island vandalized with spray paint.

In a tweet, Mace, while posting the pictures of her vandalized home wrote, "In the early morning hours of Memorial Day, my home, where I'm raising my two children, was vandalized with Antifa symbols and profanity. Although my kids and I are thankfully fine, these criminal acts are unacceptable no matter your politics."

nancy mace
The house of US Rep. Nancy Mace, R South Carolina, was vandalized by unknown person. Twitter

Anarchist Symbols Painted Outside Mace's Home

The pictures shared by the Republican showed phrases "F**k You Nancy", "Pass the Pro Act," "No Gods No Masters," and "All politicians are ba***ds" on the the front steps and sidewalk of her home. There was also a symbol with an encircled 'A' painted on the sidewalk and steps.

According to The Post and Courier, in the incident report the Charleston police has identified the symbols as anarchist in origin.

Soon after her tweet, several fellow Republicans offered their support to Mace. "I know Rep. Mace won't be deterred by such cowardice, but every Member of Congress—on both sides of the aisle—should denounce this kind of attack. Political disagreements are no excuse for harassing and vandalizing someone's home," tweeted U.S. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

"Acts of vandalism and hate are simply unacceptable and have no place in our society. Praying for you, the kids, and our community. I trust our local law enforcement officers will get to the bottom of this soon," tweeted US Senator Tim Scott.

In a tweet posted later, Mace said that she will not be intimidated nor will back down from fighting for what she believes in. "Despite these hateful attacks, I will continue to work hard for the people of the Lowcountry and ensure South Carolina remains a Right to Work state," the tweet read.

Social Media 'Sleuths' Draw Out Similarities

The photographs released by Mace backfired when several netizens claimed to have found similarities between her handwriting and the one spray painted on her steps.

"Nancy Mace, who claims to be a "new voice for the GOP" graffiti'd her own house. People have analyzed the handwriting which matches her own, especially the dots over the I's, and the fact that it's only on easy-to-clean surfaces. Not to mention that she used the Anarchy symbol," tweeted a user.

"Wondering if Rep. Nancy Mace has caught the scoundrel with her handwriting who graffitied her sidewalk... did they steal the spray paint on her counter, I wonder?" wrote another user.

"In today's installment of GOP-craziness, SC Rep Nancy Mace clearly "vandalized" her own property (the handwriting in the graffiti is distinctively hers), then blamed it on Antifa (*incorrectly* drawing the *Anarchist* symbol) & then tweeted a screed about her victimization," read another tweet.

"The lettering looks exactly the same. Even the way I the "i" is dotted. No way this crazy lady is a victim here. So yes, I'm comparing," tweeted a user as the other added, "She has cameras. She also has a Ring doorbell. Funny how none of it caught anything. I'm sure it's just a coincidence that the handwriting matches her own too."