Wander Franco: Ray's Star Accused of Improper Relationship with Second Underage Girl after 17-Year-Old Filed Complaint Against Him in July

On Sunday, Franco reportedly refuted the allegations circulating on social media in a video shared on Instagram Live, as reported by the Tampa Bay Times.

A second underage girl has been linked to rumors of an inappropriate relationship with Ray's star Wander Franco in the Dominican Republic, according to the local newspaper Diario Libre. Dominican Republic authorities received a complaint in July from a 17-year-old girl who allegedly had a romantic relationship with Franco.

The publication cited a link within the Attorney General's office in Bani, which is Franco's hometown. The report clarified that the underage girl is not the same girl whose alleged relationship with Franco, 22, went viral on social media last Sunday. Franco, an All-Star shortstop in the current season, has been away from the team since Sunday following social media posts that suggested his relationship with a teenage girl.

Another Bombshell Claim

Wander Franco
Wander Franco Twitter

On Monday, the Attorney General's office confirmed to the AP that they are conducting an investigation into the matter. A representative from the Attorney General's Office in Franco's hometown of Baní told DailyMail.com on Tuesday that the girl in question has not yet submitted an official incident report.

The investigation is being led by magistrate Olga Diná, who heads the National Directorate of Boys, Girls, Adolescents, and Family, and is being conducted in Baní, Franco's place of origin.

On Sunday, Franco reportedly refuted the allegations circulating on social media in a video shared on Instagram Live, as reported by the Tampa Bay Times.

"They say that I'm in public with a little girl, that I'm running around with a minor," Franco said in the social media video in Spanish. "People don't know what to do with their time. They don't know what they're talking about.

Wander Franco
Wander Franco Twitter

"That's why I prefer to be on my side and not get involved with anybody."

It's worth noting that the legal age of consent in the Dominican Republic is 18.

According to sources cited by El Nuevo Diario newspaper, investigators from MLB and officials from the Attorney General's Office have traveled to Franco's hometown of Baní to look into the accusations.

Out of the Team

On Monday, Franco willingly accepted to be placed on baseball's restricted list, following a day where social media speculations connected him to a minor in his home country. Multiple social media posts allegedly showed Franco with a girl, reportedly, named Loredana Chevalier.

The two are seen cozying up in multiple photos.

"During today's game, we were made aware of the social media posts that are circulating regarding Wander Franco," the Rays said in a statement. "We take the situation seriously and are in close contact with Major League Baseball as it conducts its due diligence."

Franco was absent from Sunday's home series finale against Cleveland at Tropicana Field, and he did not accompany the Rays to San Francisco for the kickoff to a six-game road trip, starting on Monday evening against the Giants.

This road trip spans three games against the Giants and another three against the Angels, concluding on the upcoming Sunday.

Following the road trip, the Rays are set to come back home and take on the Rockies on August 22nd.

"We support any steps taken by the league to better understand the situation," the club said later Monday of the MLB investigation. "Out of respect for all parties involved, we have no further comments at this time."

Tampa Bay signed the 22-year-old to a massive $182 million, 11-year contract in November 2021, which includes a team option for 2033 that could potentially total $223 million.

On the day of the game against the Guardians, a promotional event at Tropicana Field featured the "Wander Franco Snapback Hat" for fans aged 14 and under.

Wander Franco
One of the photos circulating on social media that allegedly appears to show Wander Franco with the minor Twitter

Following the game, Rays manager Kevin Cash was asked if there were any reasons beyond a regular day off for Franco's absence from the game. Cash's response was, "No. I'm aware of the speculation, and I'm not going to comment any further on that. The day off was because (it was) a day off."

Earlier in late June, Franco was benched for two games by the Rays due to his reactions to frustrating situations and his occasional lack of teamwork.

Franco, who made it to the AL All-Star team this season, boasts a batting average of .281 along with 17 home runs, 58 RBIs, and a successful 30 out of 40 stolen base attempts across 112 games.

On Friday, Franco achieved a significant milestone by hitting his first walk-off home run for the Rays against the Guardians. He shared with reporters his dedication to maintaining his performance at its peak for the betterment of his team.

Wander Franco
Wander Franco Twitter

Despite his recent achievements, Franco continued to play on Saturday in the Rays' 6-5 victory over the Guardians. However, merely two days after a memorable performance, he now confronts significant questions that could have far-reaching consequences for his career.

Franco's journey has roots in the Dominican Republic, where he left school after the sixth grade to concentrate on pursuing a career in baseball. Remarkably, he was signed by the Rays at the young age of 16.

In April 2022, the Tampa Bay Times reported that Franco had entered married life and was anticipating the birth of their second child, another son. He reportedly has a tattoo of their first son on his left arm.