VIXX's Hongbin halts Twitch activities indefinitely after apologizing to SHINee and INFINITE

Hongbin has been facing backlash from fans of SHINee and INFINITE since he made derogatory comments against the band members in an intoxicated state during live stream broadcast

The VIXX game broadcast streamer Hongbin has decided to halt his Twitch activities indefinitely. Hongbin is facing public backlash after he used insensitive words against K-pop bands SHINee and INFINITE during the broadcast on Twitch on the occasion of the first anniversary of him as a game broadcast streamer.

He had gone live on the broadcast in an inebriated state and made derogatory comments against both the K-pop bands. Even after his series of apologies, fans still have continued to lash out at Hongbin. Not only Hongbin but even his agency Jellyfish Entertainment had issued an apology to the press on behalf of Hongbin. Today, March 3, Hongbin announced to halt his Twitch activities and posted:

"I've taken a decision that it is the right thing to stop all of my game broadcast activities for the time being until I've taken enough time to reflect on my poor actions, rethink things through, and establish a direction for myself. I want to thank the viewers who made these game broadcasts possible for the past year, hanging out with me and having fun; once again, I apologize for showing you such a poor side of me."

Hongbin issued public apology thrice


Since the controversial broadcast, Hongbin has issued public apology thrice. Shortly after the derogatory comments, Hongbin apologized to ShHINee, INFINITE and all those who were hurt by his comments on a live broadcast. The second apology was in the form of an announcement on the streaming platform.

He apologized for the third time on his Instagram handle. "I have no excuses, and I apologize for my thoughtless actions. I apologize once again to everyone who must have been disappointed in me. I will do my best so that this never happens again. I'm very sorry," Hongbin told in his Instagram post.

Even before Jellyfish released its apology statement, VIXX members Leo and Ravi have also apologized on behalf of Hongbin. Jellyfish Entertainment stated, their artist Hongbin had caused a lot of concern and pain to artistes of other labels and their fans through his actions on his individual broadcast. "We bow our heads in apology. We are also taking responsibility for our label artist's actions and are reflecting. We apologize once again for causing concerns," read the agency's apology.

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