K-pop star Chung Ha: Manager not infected with Coronavirus, no connections with Shincheonji cult

Kpop star Chung Ha, who is still practicing self quarantine measures, clarified that her managers do not have Coronavirus


Kpop star Kim Chung Ha has spoken about the news of her staff undergoing tests for Coronavirus and two of them testing positive. Reacting to news that stated her manager was one of the two who tested positive for the virus, she said it is not true. Chung Ha referred to a particular report which stated that Chung Ha's manager had tested positive for Coronavirus. The singer said three managers in her team were healthy and safe.

Chung Ha's agency MNH Entertainment had released a statement on March 2 that two of her staff members had tested positive for COVID-19. This statement was released after Chung Ha along with her team returned from Italy after attending the Milan Fashion Week.

Contracted virus in Italy

Currently, Coronavirus cases in Italy are also on the rise. As a precautionary measure Chung Ha along with her staff underwent tests for Coronavirus. Chung Ha was speaking during the 1000th day debut celebration on V Live. She said there was a report that two of her agency's staff had tested positive even before they were kept in isolation. But the truth is that they were kept in isolation as soon as they arrived from Italy. In fact Chung Ha was herself quarantined. Apart from the two all other staff tested negative, she said.

Coronavirus status as of 1 March, 2020
Coronavirus status as of 1 March, 2020 GISAID

Further she also said that all of the managers also tested negative and are still very healthy. "It feels wrong that such reports came out even after the agency released an official statement. I feel a little resentful and hurt (because of these write ups) " she said.

She also explained how she was taking care of herself." I am staying in my room all day as I do not want to cause any trouble to my staff members who are already worried about those who have tested positive. I am receiving utmost care from my attending staff. Please do not worry about me," she said.

No connections with Shincheonji cult

Chung Ha also clarified that her staff do not have any connections with the 'Shincheonji cult' from where virus is said to have spread in South Korea, especially in Daegu. In fact, the Milan Fashion Week in Italy was also attended by South Korean stars NU'EST's Minhyun, Kdrama star Song Hye Kyo, Han Ye Seul, Park Min Young, IU, and others. The fest was held between February 19 and 24.

Italy has confirmed 2036 cases, as of Tuesday, and there is no news of other stars including Song Hye Kyo who attended the Italy fest undergoing Coronavirus tests.

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