VIXX Member Ravi Announces Departure from KBS Variety Show 1 Night 2 Days

VIXX member Ravi has announced his departure from the KBS reality variety show 1 Night 2 Days, also known as 2 Days and 1 Night. He shared the news with his fans through Naver V Live on Thursday, April 21. The K-pop idol has been part of the show for two years and four months. He became a cast member of the fourth season of the variety show in 2019.

While interacting with his fans on Naver V Live, Ravi said he went on his last trip for 1 Night 2 Days. The idol then revealed the reason for holding a V Live and said he wanted to share the news with his followers in person. He also spilled about his upcoming military enlistment. The rapper said it was time to prepare for the military service.

"I recently went on my last trip for 1 Night 2 Days. I wanted to let fans know about leaving the show first, so I did this life. Though nothing is officially decided, the time has come for me to prepare for the military enlistment", the VIXX member said.

The Last Trip

The rapper hinted about leaving the reality-variety show for the first time during the show. He said time is really moving fast in his life, and the last trip is here. Ravi further said he enjoyed his trip and had fun with his brothers.

VIXX member Ravi Instagram

"I have always felt that time flies, and it really does go quickly. I had a good time with my brothers and Na In Woo during my last trip in the show," he said.

The VIXX member is currently busy with the preparations for his upcoming solo concert REVOIR. It is his fourth solo concert, which will be held on May 8. The actor revealed that he is working with his company GROOVL1N for the live on-stage show.

"I have been doing my best in what I have to do and what I can do these days. I am preparing an album, and my company works diligently too. Currently, I am busy preparing for my REVOIR concert. So, I hope I can meet you all and have a good time", the VIXX member shared.

The KBS reality-variety show, 2 Days & 1 Night, will return with a new episode on Sunday, April 24, at 6.25 pm KST.

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