IVE Member Wonyoung Struggles to Hold Back Tears During Video Call Fansign; Find Out Why

IVE member Wonyoung is known to be a bubbly person among her fans because she always shows her mature side to people. When her teammates cried during the last performance of IZ*ONE, she boldly delivered her speech.

But the young idol could not hold back her tears while interacting with a fan online during the video call fansign. Tears rolled out of her eyes, and she kept wiping them as she listened to the caller. The video interaction went viral online with the details of the chat.

The caller, who could not speak Korean well, told Wonyoung that she helped the person relieve stress. The fan said she has been going through several challenges and the IVE member helped her move forward. On the days when she is not happy, her mood changes after watching the idol's performances and seeing her photos, the caller said.

IVE member Wonyoung Twitter/Screenshot

The fan then said she gained strength by watching the videos and photos of Wonyoung. The words made the idol emotional, and she struggled to hold back her tears. The caller further said the IVE member is a source of happiness, and she hopes to see her happy. Wonyoung started shedding tears hearing it.

Watch the Video Conversation:

Here is What the Caller Told Wonyoung


This is crazy, I have never seen wonyoung cry before. So, to see her cry like this really makes me sad myself she's truly one of the strongest people I know and im really happy that u got to convey this message because the message u sent her was the same thing many of us are feeling.

Since Izone it's hard to see she cry like this..she is always strong and her unnies also say she never act like maknae..after this please don't push yourself so hard..it's ok to cry it's ok to be weak bcs you are also human who have limit to do something..always remember we are here for you

I'm not Wonyoung fan, but I'm crying right now, her eyes tells everything that she's very genuine

I may became a fan just only when ive formed, but i'll support & protect you, precious one!! thank you