Viral Video: Woman Tries to Run Car Over Boyfriend Three Times, Ends Up Destroying House

Surveillance footage showing a woman trying to run her car over a man multiple times is going viral. The incident occurred in a residential street in Baltimore, Maryland, on July 29. The man miraculously escaped unhurt. But in her effort to harm the man, the woman ended up damaging a house.

As the video started making rounds on social media, witnesses commented that the pair was a couple. It is speculated that the woman was enraged over break up and tried to harm him as they separated.

Woman tries to ram her car into man in Baltimore. Youtube Screengrab

Murder Motive?

The video shows a man unloading some items from the truck of a black sedan car. He is seen throwing one item after the other in the middle of the road. When he is about to close the trunk, the woman on wheels reverses the car trying to hit the man, but he manages to jump away. Then he runs to the other side of the road, near the entrance of a house.

The woman is seen darting forward trying to ram her car into the man. He once again manages to miss the car, and instead she crashes the vehicle head-on into a brick wall of a house. At this point, woman gets out of the car and walks towards the man, who starts to taunt her.

She immediately gets back into the car and moves away. In the next frame of the video, the woman is seen trying to take a reverse as the man beats his fists against the windshield of the car. She tries to run over the car over him the third time. But this time too, the man manages to escape unhurt and woman ends up crashing into the house second time and bricks start raining down on the hood of the car, denting it badly.

Brawl On the Street

The scene does not end here. Woman comes out of the car and starts chasing the man down the street. She gets hold of him and grabs him by the hood of his sweater. The couple falls down on steps outside another house.

Owner of the house opens the main door, finds couple brawling on the steps, and shuts the door behind them. Bystanders rush to separate the couple. A witness said on social media that both the man and woman were not seriously injured. The woman is reportedly taken to hospital. There is no information if she has been arrested.