A viral video about a woman refusing to exit a ride at a Halloween carnival in Las Vegas prompted social media users to call her "Karen." In the widely shared video, the woman can be seen arguing at length with a ride operator as rest of the patrons watch the argument turn into a full-blown fight.

The video, posted on Reddit, began during an argument as the woman, who was sitting with a child, pushed the operator to the start the ride at a Halloween Town Pumpkin Patch in Las Vegas. Seemingly miffed with her, the operator — a black man — told the woman to get off or he won't start the ride.

The woman told him she was merely "excited" about the ride. However, shortly after, she hurled expletives during the argument. She also demanded to know her fault and then the operator told her: "If I don't know, and you don't know, then nobody knows."

"It has been no problem until you got on the ride today," the man told the passenger. At one point the operator said the woman acted "like a damn animal."

Halloween Town Carnival Fight

This triggered the woman and she retorted: "Well, you look like an animal." She then tried to call security on the operator line and can be seen speaking over the phone. Meanwhile, the operator told the woman and group to exit the ride and collect the money they paid for the ride at the ticket counter.

Soon after, the argument spreads to other passengers and the woman picks up a fight with another patron as the carnival employees try to contain the scuffle. However, in no time a young man punched a young woman and the attack irked an onlooker who grabbed the man by his throat and threw him around. The seemingly verbal fight turned into a full-blown physical fight at the carnival that had several children.

Social media users were quick to notice was there a carnival amid the coronavirus pandemic. "Only a complete cretin would go to an amusement park during a pandemic, hardly surprising when the eejits all meltdown and start attacking each other," one Redditor wrote.

"Only after someone explains why the f**k there are carnivals still operating in the middle of a pandemic?!," another Redditor stated.