Do You Live Here? White Neighbors Barge Into Black Man's AirBnB Because It Looked 'Suspicious'

The AirBnB guest filmed the exchange after the white couple walked into his house uninvited because they found it 'suspicious' that people were 'going in and out' of the house

A video of a white couple invading a black man's Airbnb in Louisville, Kentucky, and asking him if he lives there because of the color of his skin is being widely circulated on social media. The clip, shared by racial justice activist Shaun King on Facebook, along with the caption, "White people literally just OPEN THE DOOR and walk right into a home being leased by a Black man from AirBNB."

'Do You Live Here?'

The exchange between the black man and the couple starts off with the woman repeatedly asking him, "Do you live here?".

"What do you mean do I live here?", the man responds before asking the woman to explain why she just barged into his house uninvited. The woman then identifies herself as a neighbor before her male companion, who appears to be her husband, says they came in to check because they believed there was some "suspicious" activity going on in the house.

"So you just walked into the house because you saw black people?", the black man asks as he continues to film the couple. "You just profiled us." "No," the woman answers.

'I Know the Owner of the House'

racist couple,
Stills from the video that is being circulated on social media. Facebook

The man then asks the woman how she would feel if he were to walk into her house like that. "I'd feel scared," she says before telling the Airbnb guest to stop making it an issue about "black men."

The husband then chimes in, saying that they see people "going in and out" of the house before he is cut off by the woman. "I know the owner of the house," she says before adding that the owner has been trying to sell the house. "How do you think I got into this house?," the man asks, to which the woman laughingly responds, "I don't know."

'We Were Feeling Nervous'

"This is just real scary," the Airbnb guest says before the couple leaves the house. "So you just go walk into houses like that? I'm just confused about that," he tells the pair as he follows them out the door. "If you saw somebody walk into a house that was empty, you would do the same thing but you want to pull the race card with us," the husband snaps back.

"This house was vacant," the woman interjects. "Until how long?," the Airbnb guest asks. "Until today," she retorts. The man then explains to the woman that the house was listed on Airbnb and that he had rented the property. "Yeah, except they said it wasn't an Airbnb and that they were selling the house so when we see people walking in and out of a house and we know the house hasn't been sold, we were a little nervous," the husband responds. The video ends with the couple apologizing to the man. Watch the full clip below: