Upset Over Biden-Harris Lawn Sign, Woman Threatens to Sue Neighbors; Netizens Label Her 'Karen'

The woman also appeared to warn her neighbors that they would lose business because of the Biden-Harris lawn sign

A video of a woman threatening to sue her neighbors over the Biden-Harris lawn sign has gone viral on social media prompting users to call her "Karen" — a pejorative term for white women who perceived as entitled or racist. The woman also appeared to warn her neighbors that they would lose business because of the sign.

The video that was captured on a doorbell camera was uploaded on Reddit on Monday. According to the time stamp on the video, the incident was recorded on Sunday. The video showed the woman waiting at the door with documents in her hand and ringing the doorbell.

It took a few moments before the house owner responded to the woman's call saying she could not come to the door. Following this, the woman — appeared to be seething — told the house owner to take a look at the neighborhood bylaws.

Biden-Harris Lawn Sign Row

"Get out your neighborhood bylaws. It's section 5.20: 'No signs shall be in the yard.' If you don't take this Harris-Biden sh*t down, I will sue you," the woman can be heard saying. "I was gonna have you sell my house, but that's not gonna happen now, and you're gonna lose a lot of business because of this crap."

The woman continued to cite Section 5.20 of the homeowner association bylaws. She was seen leaving without waiting for a response from the neighbor. It was unclear where the incident took place.

The video titled "HOA Karen does NOT approve of Biden signs in the yard" quickly gained traction with nearly 20,000 upvotes and over 3,500 comments. Some users pointed out that the woman had no respect for the private property while some said her behavior was in line with other supporters of President Donald Trump. Other users simply mocked her.

Biden-Harris Lawn Sign Row

"If she does try to sell her house, show up at her door and tell her section 5.20 says she can't put a 'for sale' sign in her yard," one user wrote.

Another user stated: "She's not upset at the sign. She's upset that someone in the world isn't a conservative."

"Typical Trump fashion there's some a****le off camera coaching her, You can hear him and towards the end you see his shadow turn and walk away," one comment read.