Vincenzo Episode 19 Spoilers: Geumga Plaza Secret to be Revealed, Song Joong Ki Returns Stronger

Song Joong Ki, Jeon Yeo Bin, Ok Taecyeon starrer mafia drama Vicenzo is coming to an end. Here is what to expect from the penultimate episode of the drama.

Song Joong Ki – Jeon Yeo Bin – Ok Taecyeon starrer mafia drama Vincenzo is coming to a close. In the penultimate episode [episode 19] many secrets will be revealed and Taecyeon will for one last time try to destroy Song Joong Ki. But even if he does not succeed in doing so, he is likely to give Song Joong Ki a shocker by the end of episode 19.

In episode 18, Song Joong Ki proves his mettle by putting Taecyeon in jail. He has a backup plan to keep Taecyeon inside the prison. But when he was requested by his mafia family to sort out a dire family problem in Italy, he pays heed to their request, leaving everyone including Jeon Yeo Bin in tears. Here is what is store for the audience in episode 19.

Stills from episode 19 of the mafia drama Vincenzo. Instagram

The new stills show the all the main characters in the court room. It looks like, Jang Han Seok, Taecyeon] though not seen in the photos, will land in serious trouble. Sonng Joong Ki looks confident as a witness, Jeon Yeo Bin also has a serious expression. Choi Myung Hee, who represents Babel looks frustrated and defeated. While, others including Jang Han Seo [Kwak Dong Yeon] and Geumga Plaza tenants also are seen wearing serious look.

Who informed Song Joong Ki of Geumga's troubles?

Episode 18 ended with shocker but also made Vincenzo fans heave a sigh of relief when Song Joong Ki made a surprise return from the airport [instead of going to Italy] to save the Geumga tenants. Who might have informed Song Joong Ki about their troubles?

There are three theories doing the rounds. The first one is an obvious one that Cho, who was forced to find the person who can open the safe of the gold-laden room that also had the guillotine file, might have somehow informed Song Joong Ki. In a scene in episode 18, he looks at his phone kept at a distance and the screen shows the name Vincenzo on his phone.

Secrets behind Inzagi and Chef Toto!

The second possibility is Inzagi. The pigeon that Vincenzo feeds everyday had gone missing. Vincenzo couldn't say good bye to Inzagi [name of the pigeon] who had saved him from the Italian mafia once. It looks like Inzagi is not a common pigeon. It could be a trained bird that is sent by someone to protect Vincenzo [Song Joong Ki].

The third theory is that Inzagi might have been trained by chef Tito and it is likely that he has a mafia connection. Chef Toto might have returned to South Korea due to a similar situation like Song Joong Ki's. It is also possible that instead of Song Joong Ki, Chef Toto might have gone to Italy to solve the Cassano family problems.

Meanwhile, the cast and crew of Vincenzo will be seen in the variety show The Game Caterers on May 2, 2021, the day finale of Vincenzo is set to air. Fans will be able to watch the full episode on Channel Full Moon's YouTube channel. So, watch Song Joong Ki, Jeon Yeo Bin, Taecyeon and others enjoy playing games and having fun.

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