'Vincenzo' Episode 18: Song Joong Ki to be Saved by His Italian Friend; Taecyeon Lands in Jail

Three theories are floating about Song Joong Ki's death in the drama 'Vincenzo'. Here is what to expect in episode 18.

The previous episode of Vincenzo had ended with a shocker. The mafia consigliere Vincenzo Cassano is shot and the episode ends with him falling to the ground, covered with blood. Moreover there is no trace of Song Joong Ki in preview of episode 18. Here is what to expect from Vincenzo in this weekend's episode.

In episode 17, Song Joong Ki showed his true colors and mafia capabilities, shocking the entire Babel team. He punished those who had committed criminal acts and promised to end Taeceyon after humiliating and making him live in fear. Though successful in doing so, at the end it looked like he was betrayed by Kwak Dong Yeon, who shoots Song Joong Kin in front of the Interpol. Is this a prior arrangement between the both? Let's find out.

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Episode 18 Spoilers

In episode 18, Jeon Yeo Bin is seen taking over Song Joong Ki's role and protecting the Geumga Plaza tenants and also taking on the likes of Wusang lawyer Choi Myung Hee, who is the legal backbone of Babel group. Geumga Plaza tenants are terrorized and it looks like with the news of Song Joong Ki's 'death' Taecyeon is trying to crushing Vincenzo's support system.

In another development, roles reverse as Kwak Dong Yeon, with the help of former Wusang chief, Ji Han Chul, who gets himself promoted as the chief prosecutor, takes charge of Babel. After being humiliated and terrorized by Taecyeon, the younger brother at last takes revenge by making Taecyeon responsible for all the criminal activities committed by Babel and sending him to jail.

Secret Revealed

There are three major theories that might be named as the plot changers of the drama Vincenzo. The first theory is that Song Joong Ki is not dead. This is a believable claim as no protagonist has ever been killed before the last episode in any of the Korean dramas so far. Another reason for this claim is a post put up by Song Joong Ki's friend in Italy. The Instagram post states: "I will come to Korea and save my friend."


The Italian friend of Song Joong Ki in the drama is shown conversing with Jeon Yeo Bin. Thus this leads to second theory that Yeo Bin makes arrangement with Song Joong Ki's Italian friend and sends him to Italy to recoup. Thus the episode is not likely to show much of Song Joong Ki in the following episode, but is sure to give a surprise by the end of the episode.

The third theory is that Kwak Dong Yeon might not have betrayed Song Joong Ki, because it is impossible for him to take over the Babel group without the latter's help. Thus, it looks like Kwak Dong Yeon might have informed Sing Joong Ki about the Interpole raid and the duo might have joined hands to execute a plan. They might have faked Song Joong Ki's death to save him from the hands of Interpole.

It looks like as Vincenzo is pronounced dead in Korea, he returns as his original self, Park Joo Hyung. Anyways the following episode is going to be interesting as the drama nears its finale. Episode 18 will be telecast on April 25 at 9 PM KST. The drama is available for the global audience on Netflix.

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