'Vincenzo' Episode 15, 16 Spoilers: Taecyeon Finds Song Joong Ki's Weak Spot, It's Not Jeon Yeo Bin

Taecyeon is all set to give a surprise to Song Joong Ki Jeon Yeo Bin. Watch 'Vincenzo' Episode 15 on tvN on April 10.

Song Joong Ki and Jeon Yeo Bin starrer Vincenzo is successfully maintaining double-digit ratings, while winning praises from netizens. With both hero and villain finding out each other's true identities and colors, both are all set to give their all to destroy the other. Vincenzo [Song Joong Ki] till now was able to fluster Jang Han Seok [Taecyeon], but episode 15 will provide a twist, putting Vincenzo in a blind spot.

In episode 14, Song Joong Ki successfully gets the data and proof against Babel group with the help of Geumga tenants. But this time, audience was thrilled to see perfect chemistry between Jeon Yeon Bin and Song Joong Ki when they enacted the role of a couple to get the data. The kiss scene and the mafia-style fighting made the couple look like Mr and Mrs Smith. Even though Song Soong Ki has an upper hand till now, the tables might turn as Taecyeon is tired of being humiliated and will fight for his survival this time.

A still from Song Joong Ki and Jeon Yeo Bin starrer drama Vincenzo. Instagram

Episode 15 Spoilers

The preview of episode 15 shows Song Joong Ki and Jeon yeo Bin confident of taking on Babel group with solid proof in their hand. Legally the duo is well equipped to face Babel chief Taecyeon. But this time the evil force will try to defeat the dark heroes using the method of emotional blackmail. In the preview, Taecyeon is heard saying that he has at last found Song Joong Ki's weak spot. He could have uncovered Song Joong Ki's birth secret and found out about his mother battling Cancer in the hospital.

Though Song Joong Ki has not shown any affection towards the mother who had abandoned him as a child, will he keep quite when his mother is in danger? Episode 15 is likely to reveal Korean identity of Song Joong Ki. As the dark heroes have found a way to open the gold-laden room that also has the guillotine file, it looks like Babel will at last be brought to the books. Will Song Joong Ki lose the guillotine file in exchange of his mother?

Episode 16 of Vincenzo will be aired on April 11 as scheduled. The episodes will be streamed on tvN at 9 PM KST and 3 AM ET on Netflix. However, the production house has stated that episode 17 and episode 18 of the Vincenzo will not be aired as scheduled. Instead, on April 17 a special episode will be aired. Episode 17 will be aired on April 24.

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