'Vincenzo' Ending Explained: Song Joong Ki – Jeon Yeo Bin Starrer Drama Creates History With Finale

Mafia drama 'Vincenzo' aired its final episode on May 2, making the drama achieve sixth highest ratings in the history of tvN channel.

The mafia drama Vincenzo starring Song Joong Ki, Jeon Yeo Bin and Ok Taecyeon aired its last episode on May 2. The final episode of the drama created history with high ratings. Vincenzo achieved the sixth highest ratings in the history of tvN channel.

According to Nielsen Korea, episode 20 of Vincenzo scored an average nationwide rating of 14.6 percent and a peak rating of 16.2 percent. This has put the drama in the first place in its time slot across all channels. The drama has even beat the series being aired at the time on public broadcast networks.

Song joong Ki Jeon yeo Bin
Song Joong Ki and Jeon Yeo Bin on the sets of Vincenzo. Instagram

Thus,Vincenzo will be mentioned as one of the most successful dramas of tvN. The dramas that have the highest rating in tvN history and are ahead of Vincenzo are Hyun Bin – Son Ye Jin starrer Crash Landing on You, Gong Yoo – Kim Go Eun starrer Goblin, Lee Hye Ri – Park Bo Gum starrer Reply 1988, Lee Byung Hun – Kim Tae Ri starrer Mr Sunshine and recently aired Kim Jung Hyun – Shin Hye Sun starrer drama Mr Queen.

Among the ongoing dramas, KBS 2TV's Revolutionary Sisters' latest episode scored average nationwide ratings of 24.7 percent and 28.1 percent. This has made the Hong Eun Hee, Go Won Hee and Jeon Hye Bin starrer drama achieve the new record for the show's highest ratings to date.

Vincenzo Episode 20 Explained

In the final episode of Vincenzo [episode 20] Cha Young [Jeon Yeo Bin] is shot leaving Vincenzo mortified. The accused Jang Han Seok [Ok Taecyeon] with anger while Jang Han Seo [Kwak Dong Yeon] tries to snatch the gun off his brother, and it points at his stomach. The evil minded Jang Han Seok scorns at his brother and shoots at him. He also tries to shoot at Vincenzo, but realizes that there are no more bullets. Coward Jang Han Seok runs away before Vincenzo gets to him.

Though Cha Young looks fine, Jang Han Seo fights between life and death. At this point Vincenzo addresses him as brother and he dies peacefully after handing over his phone to Vincenzo. Vincenzo takes Cha Young to hospital and she asks Vincenzo to finish the job they had started together. Vincenzo promises to return.

Watch the entire cast on the last of shoot of Vincenzo:

Choi Myung Hee Death

Vincenzo strikes a deal with Han [chief prosecutor] and gets Choi Myung Hee [Wusang chief] out of jail. Meanwhile Jang Han Seok tries to flee to Mexico. Han pays with his life for speaking against Jang Han Seok to the press. Now, it's time for Choi Myung Hee to face Vincenzo. Despite her efforts to hide again, she gets trapped inside a warehouse, with her toes mutilated.

After killing numerous people without mercy, now she's in immense pain and asks Vincenzo to kill her. After she begs him to shoot her, the sprinklers with fuel become active and Vincenzo lights the fire with his signature lighter and walks out.

Jang Han Seok's Death

Geumga Plaza residents fight Jang Han Seok's men, but Lee gets stabbed brutally but in turn Jang Han Seok also gets shot in the leg, and another resident knocks him down. Lee is saved by Park Seok Do. Vincenzo, who arrives at the spot, takes away unconscious Jang Han Seok as the police arrive.

He ties up Jan Ha Seok and lets him know that his brother had placed a tracker in his watch. Vicenzo makes him feel humiliated as he says that he knew Jang Ha Seok's every move. Then Vincenzo brings a tool called The Spear of Atonement [drilling machine] and makes sure the spear pierces through Jang Han Seok's body every five minutes so he will die a slow and painful death. Vincenzo sets up the automated system and walks away as Jang Han Seok begs him to shoot him.

Vincenzo – Cha Young Love Story

Vincenzo gets new identity, thanks to Cho and An from the Intelligence Bureau. But as there is some problem with the data, Vincenzo has to leave immediately. Hearing the news, Vincenzo gets ready to leave the country when Cha Young arrives in hospital clothes and hugs him, bidding him goodbye. After a month, the media is still talking about Vincenzo and cops are searching for him.

Cha-young looks at the postcards sent by Vincenzo and bumps into an invitation of celebration of Korea and Italy's diplomatic relations. The couple meets again after being away for long. But there is a catch as Vincenzo has sneaked inside as the member of the delegation, he will have to leave the next day. He tells her about an Island he brought near Malta. It is revealed that the gold is hidden in Cha Young's house. Before leaving again, Vincenzo goes on to kiss Cha Young to prove his love for her. The drama ends as Vincenzo leaves.

"Justice is weak and empty. One cannot win against any villains with justice alone. If merciless justice exists, I am willing to yield to it. Even villains long to live in a peaceful world. However, since that's impossible, I've taken up a new hobby. Getting rid of garbage. If I don't do that, people will die buried underneath the garbage," says Vincenzo as he leaves. His last words are "There's one last thing I'd like to say from a villain's perspective. Evil is prevalent and vehement."

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