Vikings season 6B air date, spoilers: 5 characters who may play big in last 10 episodes

Rollo, Floki, Ivar the Boneless and King Herald Finehair are among the five characters who are likely to play big in the last 10 episodes of Vikings season 6

The popular historical drama series, Vikings, is coming to an end soon with just 10 episodes left for the show. The real gameplay will begin in the second part of season 6, which will reveal the fate of this warrior community. Every upcoming episode could feature an intense battle and the death of a lead character.

By now, the show has lost many of its fan favourite characters who were part of the series since its beginning. From Ragnar to Lagertha and Floki to Rollo, many of the popular characters disappeared from the show either through death or through a mysterious event. But if speculations are to be believed, some of these characters may come back and play big in the upcoming episodes.

Floki and Rollo are among the characters who are expected to have major roles to play in the last 10 episodes of Vikings. These two characters disappeared from the show mysteriously and they are likely to come back in a strong way. Along with them, Ragnar's son Ivar the Boneless, King Harald Finehair and Prince Oleg will have lot to tell the viewers about the story of this warrior community.

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Let's find out how these five characters are going to play big in Vikings season 6B:

Floki: The beloved character, played by Swedish actor Gustaf Skarsgard, disappeared from the show towards the end of season 5. In his final scene, he was trapped inside an Icelandic cave and it was difficult for him to escape from it. Still, the viewers were hoping to see him in season 6 and they were speculating about it since its premiere episode.

As of now, the character has not reappeared in the show and there is no official confirmation about his return. But some of the lose-ends in the story, like the introduction of a new character named Othere and the conversation between Ubbe and Kjetill Flatnose, still raise hope for his return.

Cast member Skarsgard also teased the return of his character in the second half of Vikings season 6 during an interview with ET Online. The Swedish actor said Floki's return will be much bigger and better than the viewers' imaginations. It will be a fantastic sequence that is filled with lot of emotions, he added.

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Rollo: The character, portrayed by Northern Irish actor Clive Standen, is also expected to be back in the show in a big way. His last appearance in the show was accompanied with a big revelation that he is Bjorn's biological father. So, it is unlikely to see him not to react to the death of his son. After hearing about the big battle between the Rus army and the Vikings, Rollo could return to Kattegat to avenge the death of his son.

Show creator Michael Hirst has already hinted about Standen reprising his role in the last 10 episodes of Vikings. During an interview with Cinema Blend, he said the character's reappearance will come as a huge surprise to the viewers. But he refused to share any more details about it.

Ivar the Boneless: The character, portrayed by Danish actor Alex Hogh Andersen, has become more strong and powerful. He is back in Kattegat with an ambition to reclaim his power. But it wouldn't be so easy for him because of his brother Hvitserk. Speculations suggest that the siblings will have indifference in opinion and it may lead to the death of a character. Who could it be Ivar or Hvitserk? The followers of Vikings season 6 will have to wait for the telecast of episode 11 to know more about it.

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Prince Oleg: The character has been playing a big role in the show since the premiere of season 6. Now, the fans are curious to know how his relationship with Ivar will develop as the story unwraps. If we go by the words of cast member Alex Hogh Andersen, his character will probably get killed by Prince Oleg towards the end of the series.

In an interview with ET Canada, the Danish actor said he is hoping to see his character bidding adieu to all in the last episode of the show. He further explained that death could happen during a religious conflict between Ivar and Prince Oleg. "Ivar is very religious and that could be an interesting thing and maybe one of these brothers should kill him. That would be karma with a capital K and I like that," the actor added.

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King Herald Finehair: The power-thirsty King has always dreamt of ruling entire Norway. Though he may not be able to do so, he will surely return in episode 11. When we last saw the character, he was seriously injured and there were several speculations doing the rounds about his death. But show creator Michael Hirst has already teased the character's return in the midseason premiere episode.

Cast member Peter Franzen also believes that his character has a lot of more to share with the viewers as in real life the character dies of all age. So, he may put on his armour and pick up his sword in the upcoming episode of Vikings season 6.

Vikings season 6 is expected to be back on History channel with episode 11 in November. Until then, catch with the first 10 episodes of the final season online here.