Vikings season 6 spoilers: Creator says Lagertha 'cannot retire' so soon

In the premiere of Vikings season 6, Lagertha wants to retire and become a farmer again. The sequel also shows her finding the perfect plot for it. But show creator Michael Hirst revealed that "she cannot retire".

The creator further explained why she cannot leave her past so easily even if she wants to. He said she is a famous shield maiden and the Viking society admires her for it. They will not let her walk away and lead a private life.

"She's been in endless battles, killed a lot of people, struggled with bullying husbands, with rivals and she's nearly died. She's had a tough life, but she's also famous...and in Viking society, there was nothing more important than fame. People are always going to recognize her and ask her for things," Hirst said in an interview with ET Online.

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The upcoming episode of Vikings may show Lagertha in action. Facebook/Vikings

The creator also teased some unexpected challenges for Bjorn in the upcoming episode of Vikings season 6. According to him, the first two big decisions that he made after becoming the King will be "problematic" and "difficult".

These "lose-lose decisions" may have some "unintended consequences" that will give rise to all his problems. Soon, he will realize that his father was right – "There is no fun in being a king and to rule is not a piece of cake", the creator said.

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Meanwhile, Ivar will be busy with his own journey that is less of a geographical journey, said the creator, adding, "It's more of a journey into his own heart and into his soul. And actually in the end, it has very unexpected results".

Vikings season 6 will be back with a new episode on December 11 at 9 pm EST. Episode 3 is titled Ghosts, Gods and Running Dogs. It will show Lagertha in action while Bjorn is busy helping an old enemy.

Here is the official synopsis for Vikings season 6 episode 3:

Lagertha is forced to take action. In Kiev, although Oleg continues to be friendly, Ivar is aware of the threat which Oleg poses to the vulnerable young heir to the throne. Bjorn has answered the call and come to the aid of an old enermy.