Vikings season 6 premiere review round-up: A promising start for historical drama series

The premiere episode of Vikings season 6 received positive reviews from the critics as they said it gives hope for a bloody season

Vikings is back with a new season on History channel and critics have suggested a promising start for the drama series. According to the critics, New Beginnings and The Prophet have paved way for a bloody season. While some found the premiere of season 6 to be "promising", a few others found it to be "thrilling".

First two episodes of the sixth season focused on the lead characters, including Bjorn, Ivar and Lagertha. The two-hour special premiere episode started with the story of Ivar, who met his new friend Prince Oleg in Russia. The bonding between Ivar and Oleg is both surprising and confusing at the same time. It remains to be seen if Oleg will help Ivar raise an army and fight with Bjorn to take back Kattegat.

What to expect in the upcoming episodes?

Meanwhile, at Kattegat, Bjorn does everything to be a good King. When it comes to serving people, he is very different from his brother Ivar and father Ragnar. In the coming episodes, fans will get to know more about his ruling expertise.

In the premiere episode of Vikings season 6, the viewers also saw Lagertha burying her sword in the ground as a sign of retirement. She is all set to take up the role of a farmer and has found a perfect plot for it.

Vikings season 6 premiere receives positive reviews from critics. Facebook/Vikings

Here is what the critics have to say about Vikings season 6 premiere episode:

Forbes - The Season 6 premiere shows a marked improvement, though it still suffers from one glaring omission: Ragnar Lothbrok is still very much dead, still very much not part of the show, though his memory lingers.

Den Of Geek: Though "New Beginnings" feels more like a setup episode than a season premiere, its at times excessive exposition still offers insight into a group of characters undertaking profound life changes.

Screenrant: In all, season 6 will find Vikings judged as it so often judges its characters — in terms of the legacy they leave behind. While Hirst and Jeb Stuart are already prepping a spinoff show for Netflix, History's first (and still best) scripted series will likely go down as an ambitious bit of television that succeeded in the Peak TV era.

Metro: Vikings has got us on the edge of our seats with the first episode of its sixth and final season.