Vikings season 6 episode 11 air date, spoilers: Cast opens up about Bjorn's last moment in the show

Cast member Alexander Ludwig also said the viewers can never find what will happen to bjorn till they watch the mid-season premiere episode.

Vikings season 6 is currently on a mid-season break and a beloved character will probably bid adieu to all when the show returns with episode 11. Cast member Alexander Ludwig hinted that Bjorn Ironside is unlikely to make it out alive in the mid-season premiere episode. The actor also opened up about the final moments of his character in the show.

However, it does not mean that Bjorn will not appear in the last 10 episodes of the historical drama series. Ludwig assured fans that his character will be a part of the show in "some way, shape or form". He said the Viking leader cannot be defeated so easily and he will not leave the battle field without a fight.

"It certainly does not look good for him. I'll tell you that...In the next 10 episodes, you'll see that even in death the gods are on his side. Though he lost the battle, in death he is also won because he died the way every Viking wants to die; in battle," Ludwig said in an interview with TV Guide.

Will Bjorn meet his demise in Vikings season 6 episode 11? History Channel

The Canadian actor also said the fate of his character in the show is very different from that of real life Bjorn. If we go by history, the Viking leader lived for a very long time and featuring the real events could actually spoil the excitement of viewers. The best way to make the television drama interesting was to kill off the character, he added.

Then, Ludwig teased the big backlash that Ivar could face in the last 10 episodes because of his evildoings. He said the show will show the humanity of every character in the series and that includes Ivar. "He is not a "caricature" or a "big, roaring Viking". A sociopath like Ivar also has some sort of depth to him and I think that towards the final 10 episodes you will see that," the actor added.

Ludwig then shared details about his last few days on set and he described it as "strange", "insane", "bittersweet", a "dream" and a "trippy experience". According to him, it was really hard to leave family and his home as it was Ireland for so long. At the same time, the cast member said he is very excited to know what the future holds for Bjorn. He believes that the journey of Bjorn will not end with Vikings season 6 episode 11 as Netflix has ordered a new spin-off series.

Vikings season 6 is expected to return with episode 11 in November.