Vienna Ranks First in Most Livable Cities on Earth; Zurich, Toronto, and Others in Top 10 List

Vienna, the capital city of Austria, has once again topped the list of Most Liveable Cities on Earth, according to a report by the Economist Intelligence. This report is titled The Global Liveability Index 2022. It was published on Thursday. Denmark's capital Copenhagen ranked second, and the capital city of Switzerland, Zurich, ranked third on the list.

The Austrian capital snatched the top position after a year from New Zealand city Auckland. Vienna city was ranked 12 in 2021 due to coronavirus pandemic restrictions as the restaurants and museums of this city were closed down. It returned to the first position after everything opened up. The Austrian city previously ranked first in the surveys held in 2018 and 2019.

"Stability and good infrastructure are the country's main charms for its inhabitants, supported by good healthcare and plenty of opportunities for culture and entertainment," the report by the Economist intelligence unit said.

The Austrian city Vienna. Pixabay

From Copenhagen and Vancouver to Geneva and Frankfurt, here is the list of the top 10 most liveable cities on earth.

  • The Austrian capital, Vienna, topped the list with its good infrastructure, healthcare, and stability. The city also provides plenty of opportunities for entertainment and culture.
  • The Danish capital, Copenhagen, is ranked second on the list because of its reliable transport system, high level of healthcare, and excellent infrastructure.
  • The capital of Switzerland, Zurich, and the Canadian city Calgary shared the third position as both the countries make a difference in their international profile. Zurich is famous for its safety, leisure, education, housing, and work. The city provides various modes of transportation. Calgary is home to basic infrastructure and world-class libraries.
  • Vancouver came fifth on the list because of its affordability, infrastructure, design, education, and environmental sustainability. It is known to be one of the cleanest cities on earth.
  • Swiss city Geneva is ranked sixth in the list as it has several attractive cultural institutions, like environmental protection plans, extensive public transport networks, and sustainable development.
  • Frankfurt in Germany came seventh on the list because of its environmental protection and sustainable development plans. The German city has a network of cycle routes and two large botanical gardens.
  • Toronto is listed in eighth place with world-class healthcare facilities and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle. The Canadian city has several public infrastructures, trails, and parks in many parts of the city.
  • Amsterdam in the Netherlands acquired the ninth position with its well-connected transportation, open spaces, and parks.
  • Australian city Melbourne and Japan's Osaka shared the 10th position with their infrastructure facilities and educational institutes.

Cities Under Top 50 List

  • German city, Hamburg, came 16 on the list.
  • The capital of France, Paris, is ranked 19th on the list
  • Dusseldorf in Germany is placed in the 22nd position
  • The Belgian capital, Brussels, came 24th on the list
  • Brisbane is listed in the 27th position
  • Manchester came 28th on the list
  • Adelaide acquired the 30th position
  • Perth ranked 32nd on the list
  • The UK's capital, London, acquired 33rd position in the list
  • New Zealand's capital, Auckland, acquired 34th place on the list
  • Spanish city Barcelona is ranked 35th place
  • Madrid came 43rd on the list
  • Italian city, Milan, is ranked 49 on the list