Two Toronto Friends Design Bikinis For Men, Name Them Brokinis

Two men from Toronto, Chad Sasko and Taylor Field, are all set to sell the brokinis online.

A new bathing suit specially designed as men's bikini is taking the internet by storm. Two friends from Toronto have designed special bikinis for men and named them brokinis. The brand has been launched and is out on sale.

Chad Sasko and Taylor Field shelled out $5,000 and designed a single long shoulder strap brokini especially to be worn in bachelor parties or as beachwear. The duo from Toronto was taking part in a bachelor party with weird costumes when they came up with the idea to design bikinis for men.

Two men from Toronto have designed bikinis for men and have named their product brokinis. Instagram

What Made Them Design The Brokini?

In an interview with blogTO, one of the designers Sasko said that he along with Field frequented bachelor parties and appeared in weird suits. They were searching for a new design when they glanced at wrestling leotard online and that inspired them to design the brokini.

"We wanted to come up with a bathing suit that's fun for goofing around on the beach, cottage weekends, bachelor parties and festivals," Sasko added speaking to blogTO. The product that started as a funny hobby made the duo think seriously about it. The product was at last launched online a week ago. Now, with the news spreading like crazy on social media, the duo has started approaching retailers and hope that the new style swimsuit will soon be available on most popular online stores.

Why is Brokini Special?

Currently the brokinis are priced at $45. They are available in two patterns Bromingo [a pink flamingo pattern] and Fineapple [blue with yellow pineapples print]. Sasko and Field have attached funny description to their product. "The perfect swimwear to make your parents question where they went wrong. Premium materials and stitching. Shoulder sling draws attention to your dong. Makes even small weenies look schmedium," states the description.

Though the description is funny, the duo has taken the business part of it seriously and they are currently working on photos and videos and will soon start some paid ads with an intention to move on to retail as well.

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