Move over, renting! Millennials are in the market for Luxury Homes

Amila Hills

The demand for buying homes among Indian millennials has increased significantly when weighed against the trends pre-pandemic. An increasing number of them are expecting to work-from-home regularly or permanently in the future, and this has created a growing sentiment shift towards well planned savings and asset creation post-pandemic.

We have noticed the age bracket who until now did not give much priority to buying fixed assets, like homes, cars, etc that would tie them to a particular place for longer making it harder to switch jobs and hop cities, has turned around 360, and is now more than ever serious about owning a physical asset., claimed that millennials as a group constituted 63% of all its buyers amongst its entire user base, markedly increasing from 49% from the pre-covid period.

It is apparent that the pandemic has created a higher need for stability and security that comes from staying in an owned home vs a rented one. These so-called commitment-phobic people are chasing the bigger things. The key features on their list? Larger spaces, cleaner and greener locations, even outside city limits. The hunt is on and active for a sustainable environment that helps their families thrive in areas that are free from problems like pollution and chaotic lifestyle that is threatening the environment and world we live in.

For those Millennials who seek quality of life, and aren't afraid to venture away from city limits, luxury townships and exploring homes in gated communities is the obvious answer! Picturesque surroundings, environmentally conscious planning and construction and homes that are built to bring residents closer to Mother Nature. This is what the ethereal hills of Shimla have in store. Amila Hills is a one-of-a-kind property with luxury residences designed for those looking to soak in the serenity of the land of the Gods, Himachal Pradesh.

The opulent benefits and opportunities for activities all located within the property, clean surroundings and Oxygen rich air are just some of the reasons this place is heaven on earth. This 54-acre property, has been envisioned as a wholesome and grandiose community in the lap of nature, nestled between mountains, and flanked by breathtaking snowy peaks.

Amila Hills boasts of multiple residence options including strikingly ethereal 4BHK Villas, statement 2BHK apartments, luxe 1BHK Apartments, as well as homely studio apartments, and their out-of-the-world O2 Rich homes.

So, for those people who are arguably flaunting higher earnings and more inheritance value than their fathers and forefathers, the importance of space, amenities and lush green landscapes is more important than ever before, a holistically thought out community awaits at Amila Hills.

- High Street Shopping

- Helipad

- Temple

- Nature Trails

- Fine Dining Restaurant

- Gold Class Cinema

- Clubhouse with all amenities and many more.

Start your step towards a holistic life, there's no better place than Amila Hills to find what you've been looking for.

We invite you to live the luxurious life at Amila Hills, right in the lap of nature, where living is so much more than just four walls and furniture, it's where your life can truly blossom!