Woman Sans Clothes Found Stuck Between 2 Buildings in California; Rescued After Hours [VIDEO]

The video of the rescue operation shows the woman lying naked between the two buildings, with only her skin, back tattoos and shoes visible from above.

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Firefighters had to be called after a naked woman got trapped between two buildings in California on Tuesday, leading to a two-hour-long bizarre rescue operation. The woman was discovered after employees at two adjacent buildings heard a woman crying for help for a long time.

They then informed police realizing that she might have been trapped between the two buildings. The unidentified woman can be seen in news footage lying on the ground and squeezed into a space that is just inches wide between two industrial buildings in the city of Santa Ana.

Bizarre Situation

Rescue operation
The woman being seen partially as firefighters rescue her from between two buildings Twitter

Employees at the two noisy automotive businesses in California had a tough time figuring out the source of what sounded like a woman screaming Tuesday afternoon. For the first 25-30 minutes they couldn't understand where the sound of the cry was coming from, firefighters said.

Finally, around 2 pm they realized that it might be a woman wedged between the gap of two buildings and then called police for help, KTLA reported. "She kept screaming and screaming and screaming," Jim Kahil, owner of one of the buildings, told CBS LA. Workers eventually looked between the buildings.

"We called the police and the police came in so we got on the roof ... we saw a lady upside down, naked," Kahil told the station. Officers climbed onto the roof to have a look around.

That's when police discovered a nude woman wedged in the 10-inch gap between the auto shop and another building, the Orange County Register reported. The video of the bizarre rescue operation shows the woman lying naked between the two buildings. Only her skin, back tattoos and shoes are visible from above looking down into the tight space below.

It's not know why she was naked or how long she was trapped and how did she end up in the 10-inch gap. "We're not 100 percent sure how she got there," Orange County Fire Authority Capt. Thanh Nguyen told KTLA. "Right now that's a mystery to all of us here."

Rescued at Last

The woman was finally rescued but not before firefighters cut a hole in one wall, the Orange County Fire Authority reported on Twitter. "It's big enough for a cat, or maybe a dog, but definitely not a human," Max Benett, owner of Tim's Auto Repair and Smog, said.

The fire authority later posted videos on Twitter that show rescuers inside one of the buildings, cutting a hole through thick concrete to get her in the tough-to-access gap. Outside, fire personnel keep an eye on the woman, while fans ventilate air in the space between buildings.

The woman was finally rescued but firefighters are still confused why the woman was naked and how did she end up there. After she was rescued, she was too nervous and shocked to speak.

She was examined by paramedics and then transported to a local hospital, where she is said to have been alert and conscious. She was discharged after some time. However, an investigation has been launched. "Our paramedics will be assessing her now. We appreciate everyone has questions. We will release details when they become available," the Twitter statement read.