VIDEO: SHINee's Taemin Enlists Privately; Jonghyun Remembered at '3rd Shiny Arts Festival'

SHINee Taemin took part in 3rd Shiny Arts Festival organized to remember Jonghyun before leaving to enlist in military.

SHINee's Lee Tae Min popularly known as Taemin is scheduled to enlist in military on May 31. As the singer has chosen to enlist privately due to COVID-19 restrictions, the time and venue of him joining the compulsory military service has not been announced publicly.

But before Taemin left for military, SHINee members Choi Minho, Key and Onew posed for a farewell photograph with Taemin and posted it on social media. Taemin's application was considered and he has been admitted into the army's music corps. The singer will go through six weeks of basic training before enlisting in the army's music corps.

Jonghyun SHINee
Former late SHINee member Jonghyun [L], SHINee members pose for a pic before Taemin leaves for military service. Instagram

Taemin is expected to complete his military duties and return in November 2022. SHINee member Onew was discharged from the military on July 8, 2020, while Key returned from compulsory military service on September 24, 2020 and Minho completed his service on November 15, 2020.

SHINee released its seventh studio album Don't Call Me on February 22, 2021. A repackaged version of their seventh album, Atlantis, was released on April 12, 2021. This album also had three new songs and a title track Atlantis. Taemin released a new solo mini album, Advice, before enlisting in the military on May 18, 2021.

Jonghyun Remembered

SHINee family, friends and fellow artistes remembered SHINee's former member Jonghyun through a live-stream program organised by The Shiny Foundation. The program was streamed at 6 PM on May 30. The program is scheduled to be broadcast on MBC's standard FM on Kim Na's Starry Night.

During the 3rd Shiny Arts Festival that was conducted online, his friends not only performed giving him tributes but also spoke about what Jonghyun meant to them. Various artists including veteran radio host Bae Chul Soo, fellow SM Entertainment agency-mates, Girls' Generation's Taeyeon and Sooyoung, IU, former EXO's Tao, Baek Yerin, DinDin, Jo Kwon, Ali, Lee Hi, Jung Gigo, Jung Joonil, Davichi's Kang Minkyung, Ailee, Baek Ayeon and his Jonghyun's seniors, Uhm Jung Hwa, producer Kim Hyung Seok, Lyn, Yangpa, Afterschool's Jungah remembered Jonghyun's spirit and love for music and explained how dearly they missed him.

Speaking on the occasion, SHINee members shared their emotions about Jonghyun, who always called SHINee his family. Taemin said: "He loved music and the stage more than anyone ever could." Key said: "The most headstrong member. Jonghyun is my favorite artist, my best friend, my hyung, and my teammate."

Jonghyun had committed suicide by consuming carbon monoxide on December 18, 2017. Shiny Foundation was established with the money received from Jonghyun's last album Poet | Artist released posthumously. The foundation established by his family helps struggling young artists.

Watch the '3rd Shiny Arts Festival' here:

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