Video: Real Reason Behind GFRIEND Disbanding Out in Yuju and Sowon Interview About Agency

In an MMTG interview, Yuju and Sowon spoke about how the agency treated them in their rookie days. Meanwhile, Yerin is set to appear in Beauty Time Season 3.

Source Entertainment announced on May 18 that the GRIEFND KPop girl group's contract will end on May 22 and the artistes will leave the company. This had led to speculations that GFRIEND cannot continue as a group as it was formed by Source Entertainment. The reason was said to be failure to renew contract. But an earlier interview of GFRIEND members tells a different story about the agency and its treatment of the group.

BUDDY or the fans of GFRIEND are trying to find out the real reason behind the group's contract coming to an end. Some fans are sharing an interview of GFRIEND members speaking about their rookie days and the agency. In an interview segment of Mmunmyeongteuggeub [MMTG] show with emcee JaeJae, GFRIEND members had opened up about how they were being treated.

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The MMTG Interview

Yuju had shared that during rookie days the company had worked them really hard. It was so difficult that she had resorted to pulling out her wisdom teeth that had barely come out, in order to take a break. She thought that this was the only way company would let her rest for a little while. Yuju had also told that her mother was really sad that she had to go through such pains.

Sowon also had opened up in the interview and had recalled an incident. She said that she is really scared of bugs to an extent that it is a phobia. Once she had to go up on the stage that had bugs and she was completely out of her mind. But the company did not take a note of it and she had to go on that stage. "I don't even know how I finished the performance. When I came down, the members had done so well, I was so sorry about it afterwards that I couldn't lift my head up," Sowon had said.

Yerin to Appear on Beauty Time Season 3

These are just two examples of how the agency treated their artistes. However, it also can be noted that every rookie group has to go through tough conditions become establishing themselves. But can the companies feign ignorance for the pain caused to the artistes?

However, according to latest information, GFRIEND member Yerin is all set to attend her first scheduled activity since leaving Source Entertainment. In an exclusive report, Herald Pop claimed that Yerin will be a member of on Lifetime's Beauty program Beauty Time Season 3 along with T-ARA's Jiyeon and former AOA member Choa. The first episode is slated to air on May 30.

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