GFriend's Yuju was bleeding while performing on Show Champion

Yuju continued to perform actively in the water.

Members of South Korean girl group GFriend Reuters

GFriend's Yuju has proved that she is a true professional. The 19-year-old singer and the girl group, had recently performed their new track Love Whisper on the music program, Show Champion.

However, many noticed that Yuju's leg was bleeding in the beginning of the performance. Ignoring the injury, she continued to perform actively in the water.

After fans showed their concern, Yuju addressed the bloody scene during an appearance on 2 O'Clock Escape Cultwo Show. She said: "During our first broadcast, the camera caught my leg bleeding. I don't know why [I bled]. I cleaned it because there was blood and that was the end."

Yuju is not new to injuries. Last year, during the broadcast of the same talk show, she was spotted wearing a cast on her right arm. She told the hosts: "I woke up in the night and it was too cold in the room, so I got up to turn off the air conditioner. I fell, and broke my hand."

"Thankfully, I still turned off the air conditioner," she added.

Band member Sowon also shared that Yuju tends to talk and cry in her sleep a lot. Yuju shared: "One day I dreamt that my mom had turned into a tomato, and I cried."

"She smelled like my mom. Anyone could have known it was my mom, but she was a tomato," she added.

Watch GFriend's performance on Show Champion below: