Video of Korean Man Beating up His Russian Wife in Public Place Emerges

A 41-year-old Korean man was seen assaulting his 21-year-old Russian wife in a restaurant in Busan.

The CCTV camera footage of a man beating up a woman inside a restaurant in South Korea has gone viral. The man is said to be the victim's husband and has been arrested by the Busan police.

The report in Allkpop claimed that the 41-year-old man was seen assaulting his 21-year-old Russian wife as he found her with another man in a restaurant. The victim suffered severe injuries and is being treated in a hospital.

South Korean man captured assaulting his Russian wife at a restaurant in Busan. YouTube screengrab

The incident occurred inside a restaurant in Busan on August 16 at 7.30 p.m. KST. Reports state that the Korean man was looking for his wife and he allegedly saw her with another man in a Busan restaurant. Spotting his wife, he started attacking her. He is seen grabbing his wife by her hair before knocking her to the ground. Then he kicked her repeatedly as people in the restaurant looked on.

Severely Injured Woman Rushed to Emergency Ward

She was severely injured and rushed to the emergency ward of a hospital. Reports claim that currently is in the outpatient ward and is being treated there. The cops are closely monitoring her to prevent her from being attacked again. The man has been arrested and is being questioned by the cops.

One year ago, a video of a Korean man beating up his Vietnamese wife went viral, resulting in the arrest of the man. The video showed the man slapping his wife in the face, repeatedly kicking and punching her head and stomach. She was seen crouching on the floor. The man went on to beat her for three hours.

This incident occurred in Yeongam, South Jeolla Province, in Seoul in July 2019. In fact, the man beat his wife in front of their two-year-old son who was seen screaming while sitting beside his mother. The reports claimed that the woman was getting beaten up often and she wanted to save herself and her son from getting assaulted.

So, she had fixed her cell phone to the backpack of her son and had placed it in the room keeping the camera on. The camera captured the man assaulting her. Then the victim sent the video to her friend who showed it to the police and got the man arrested.